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LGFG Fashion House - Canada Tailor

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I am a working professional who has recently taken an interest in suiting.


I live in Canada and have come across a Canadian company known as LGFG Fashion House ( ). They seem to have a huge client base and many positive reviews however I could not find much information about this seemingly legitimate company online. 


I was wondering if anyone has some insight into the quality of their product, or has any experience doing business with them? 


This is my first time dealing with luxury goods and first purchase from a bespoke tailoring service. Thank you.



Yours respectfully,


David Atkins

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Interesting. There is nothing on their website giving any indication of their products (fabrics etc.). The contact numbers are wireless numbers in many cases. The shirt and suit jacket on their homepage is hideous but that is an aside.

Here is an add looking for sales associates:

I suspect the business model is similar to the visiting tailor from afar. Visit the client with swatches, take measurements and have the suit or shirts manufactured offshore. The twist is that you have a local rep in each city.

Now, there is nothing wrong with this depending on the pricing, quality of fabric and garments and the abilities of the sales associate.

I find the testimonials interesting. We are good because all of these high flyers say we are.
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Thank you for your reply. Yes, I viewed the testimonials. TBH, the presentation of the website is what I find discouraging and scares me away from trying them. Is there any way to find out if they are a legitimate business or must I call them directly and make an appointment? I do not know their prices but if I am going to spend a vast amount of money on a new suit, I would like to be guaranteed that the product will be good. In this case, I am unable to foresee that due to my hesitation.
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Well, you could contact them and ask if you could speak to someone locally who had a suit made. Gauge their response.

Find out about pricing, the fabrics and get a sense of their knowledge. Ask where the suits are actually manufactured.

If they come to your office, you are not obligated to buy anything. Make an appointment and see what they are like when they show up.

It still is a bit of a gamble but so your homework, ask them about what happens if you are not satisfied with the fit. Will they remake it? Will they refund what you paid.
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hey hey those "high flyers" were super-hard to get as clients! You know how many "medium flyers" you have to get before you get to earn the trust of those guys ;)

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David, I met with them a while ago. Found them very arrogant so didnt buy anything. Fabrics all looked ok but didn't really get past the bad vibes I had so didn't buy anything,

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