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Is Brooks Brothers renowned for their service? I get treated like **** everytime I go there. - Page 2

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I've always had good experience with the one on Santana Row in San Jose, the SAs always approach me before I approach them, make me aware of any sales, ask me what I am looking for, etc etc.

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I shop at the Troy MI (Somerset Collection, niiiiiice mall) location and my SA experience is amazing. I am always treated amazingly, and i have the same SA each time who is knowledgeable and personal. I used to shop at the madison store and even though i was 21, was ALWAYS treated with the utmost respect and helped immediately. 



I am a bit surprised, if i was ever treated like that at one of their stores i would flip ship in an e-mail and a phone call to corporate. 

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I guess that it's just the luck of the draw. The last time that I was in a BB (admittedly a while ago), the sales associates and manager were all very friendly. For the most part, it seemed like they had a very poor understanding of how clothing should fit (even by conservative standards), but they were always very friendly to me. Of course, I'm more of an independent shopper, so I don't expect much from sales associates.


Remember, it's a retail store. The fact that they sell decent business clothes doesn't make the employees any more hospitable.

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Here's my reviews for stores around Boston. I'm in my late 20s.


Newbury Street:

  • High volume store, with poor customer service most of the time.
  • First floor - Shirts: This floor has some mean SA who wouldn't want to help you. The old lady wouldn't bother helping you and I noticed this by looking at other customers standing around waiting for help. The best SA, whom I use to purchase was Evan. He's a young guy that is very patience and I noticed a lot of shoppers go to him. He may seem busy but will always get back to you once he's done with other customers. I had him order 3 shirts for me since they do not have the size/pattern in store, and he was able to order 1. This is during their 30% off corporate member sale. He called to apologize the next day. A few days later, I received a handwritten card in the mail from Evan saying that was terribly sorry and if I do need any shirts in the future, he will apply the 30% off to make it up. Now that is a fantastic SA!
  • Second floor - Pants: The guys are very helpful.
  • Third floor - Suits: Now this is a hit or missed floor. The two old fellows who works on this floor are pretty busy helping customers but always available to help whenever I'm there. I noticed other young couples who are on the floor tends to get ignore unless they ask for help. The old SAs are very pushy about selling their suits and always asked if you're planning to buy today, etc. and they will figure out how much time they should spend with you. For me, it's always a good experience. They would approached me first, asked if I need any help, etc., help out a few minutes, then say "If you need anything, wave one of us down" while they go help newer customers.


State Street:

  • Limited on SF shirts and nothing for ESF. SAs are helpful since everytime I go in the store is pretty much empty. For me, I usually go to AZIZ (, he's knows his products and a designer himself. Great guy to talk to when it comes to fashion.


Northshore Mall:

  • Limited on SF shirts and nothing on ESF. Most of the smaller size Milano and Fitzgerald suits are probably from my returns from purchases online. This store is tailored to older folks but I found the SAs are very helpful and friendly. Ryan, a small Italian guy, is my SA when going for suits.


Chestnut Hill:

  • Don't even bother going here. Called a few time inquiring about items in stock and the lady with a European accent would get so rude. I had to hang up on her.


Hopefully this help you guys on where to go, and who to talk to.

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I've never had great experiences in the Madison Avenue store in NYC. Perhaps not as awful as the experiences described by OP and some other posters on this thread in various BB locations, but I always felt I had to track people down to get assistance.

The one NYC location I had good experiences with is the one in Liberty Plaza downtown (I used to work in the Financial District). Staff there has always been very friendly and helpful to me, even though I was in my early 20s when I shopped there. Thelmo Lima (I am sure I am not spelling this right but it's been awhile) was a very helpful and kindly older gentleman. My best experience has been at the Michigan Avenue store in Chicago. I've found Angel Garcia to be very helpful.
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