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Is Brooks Brothers renowned for their service? I get treated like **** everytime I go there.

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This is just an informal poll, but I had an experience at a BB store that really confirmed what I've been trying to dismiss every time I've gone into the store:

The sales associates are really big jerks, trolls, dicks, etc, especially the older ones.

For reference, I am referring to the Houston Galleria and La Cantera location in San Antonio, TX.

Also, I am a young male in my early twenties, a new college graduate. I dress to fit my slim frame, etc. I'm not pulling the t-shirt, flip flops look when I enter.

The following experiences have really solidified this impression for me

1) For instance, I go into the La Cantera store a few days ago, and I see a a rather portly young man trying on a blazer probably for the first time in his life. It's clear to me the blazer is slightly ill-fitting. A female SA is helping his family out, and she asks her male SA (who is probably a decade or two older) what he thinks.
He brusquely glances at them, and walks off dismissively, saying he has other things he has to attend to. After they leave, I notice the male SA mocking how awkward the blazer was making the man look, and told his SA that she should know better than to ask him questions like that.

2) I ask for help from aforementioned male SA regarding extra slim fit shirts. He says he has two and they are in the back. Then he walks off.

Doesn't ask if I want to see them, or goes the extra mile to bring them out to me. He just waited a moment for a response, then walked off to help someone else. He finally brought them out after I reiterated I was interested in taking a look.

I ask if he has any Golden Fleece shirts in-store ( I wanted to take a look, interested in gifting my father Xmas present) He gives me a look of sheer incredulity, repeats "Golden Fleece? Golden Fleece?" as if he can't believe I just said that. Literally he looks as if I've just asked the most ridiculous question he's ever heard.

Then says, "we have Golden Fleece polos, but shirts? Shirts?" Meanwhile the female SA asks me if I was perhaps thinking of Black Fleece (no, I am not, and yes I am sure). This goes on for a little bit. Finally, I say "Look, GF is supposed to be your top of the line shirts etc" Then he says, "oh well you'd hate them because they're so baggy" To which I told him I was shopping for my father.
Perhaps recognizing his mistake, he pats on me the shoulder, and says, "yeah, you're right, your father would probably like them, we don't have them in the store because they're so expensive..."

3) At the Houston location, I just feel like the SAs are very short and terse with me and just want to make the sale ASAP. Every question is answered with "Yes, no, or we don't have it." Any clarifying questions about products are usually answered quickly and unsatisfactorily. I know the Milano and Fitzgerald are slimmer, but can you really not tell me more? Can you not tell me that the Milano, not the Fitzgerald, is the slimmest fit?
I tried on a suit jacket, the SA told me it fit me fine, and asked me if I was ready to buy it. This was maybe 30 seconds after I had tried it on to gauge my fit. I felt it was a little tight, so I go up a size. "Oh, this size fits perfect (what about your previous recommendation??) Let's go ring you up"

i apologize if this comes off as whiny, but I'm perplexed that stores in such nice locations can have such crappy quality of service.

What have other forum members' experiences been like?
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The Brooks Brothers in Downtown Austin is OK. My girlfriend said she was just in there shopping for some Christmas gifts for me and that they were unhelpful/rude.

The male staff are not well dressed and the women are not very good salespeople. The one salesperson I liked there left to work at Nordstrom.

I still like the clothes, and would still shop there, but I don't expect much of the service other than trying to up-sell me or rush me to the register.
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I tend not to attract any notice until I am holding over $200 in merchandise.

The flatiron store had a much, much friendlier staff (then again, I am of a similar age as the flatiron staff, vs the Madison Avenue staff, who are older than my father).
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My first time in the Madison Ave. store in NYC I walked in and there were 3 SAs standing & talking and I asked where the shoes were and one pointed me in the right direction and I walked on. I could hear them snickering and imagined they were betting I would walk out with nothing. As I walked past them to exit the store about ten minutes later with a shopping bag the look on their faces was precious. I got an extra rise out of it because I was leaving with an empty shoe box in a shopping bag smile.gif The guy in the shoe dept. was really nice.
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Reformat what you posted here in an e-mail to thier customer service (or whatever other address you can find on their website)... it'd be interesting to hear their response.

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I find the BB SAs hit and miss, sometimes even the same person in different visits.
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I've always had decent experiences in store (though there needs to be a leave me alone button) but I had a horrible experience returning something I purchased online to the point that I will no longer buy from their e commerce store.

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Sorry to hear about OP's service issues. FWIW I shop at the downtown Philly BB and the BB at the KOP Mall and have always had excellent service.

Some of the best service I've received clothing-related has been at J. Press in Mass and NY. And the service at Sherman Bros. shoes in Philly is fantastic.
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Originally Posted by SidewinderX View Post

Reformat what you posted here in an e-mail to thier customer service (or whatever other address you can find on their website)... it'd be interesting to hear their response.


They never responded to my complaint email, I imagine they just ignore most of what they get.


I like BB a lot, and about 1/2 the time I get pretty decent service at the Newbury street location in Boston.  However, I have received some astoundingly bad customer service there as well.  Now I generally just order online, really because of convenience, but also to spite the crappy SAs that work at that location.  That being said, I should probably find one that doesn't suck and feed my business to them.

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The BB store near me treats me wonderfully and have never been rude. They've been very busy before, but never rude, dismissive, or judgmental (from what I could tell). They bend over backwards most of the time to make sure my concerns are addressed.


I do notice that even the seasoned people there don't have a good memory of their entire collection. They know what their store carries, and that's it. They do have to go online sometimes to see "what other color or sizes" items might come in, what other coats come in "Fitsgerald" fit, etc. But they always take me behind the desk and show me on the computer what they're looking at.

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As with most service people in NYC, I find that approaching them in the most gracious and friendly manner you can muster often turns them around. Having waited tables in Manhattan through college, I can only imagine the horrible personalities that they may have had to deal with that day.
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I think, in general, the customer service at the Houston Galleria store is poor to fair. Most of the time, you're thoroughly ignored. If you are looking for something in particular, that can be aggravating. The times when a sales associate deigns to help you, it's a crap shoot. More times than not, the SA has no idea if the store carries what you're looking for.

The women's store in the same mall is a completely different beast: a greeting when you enter the store, a true desire to help you out, knowledge about what the store carries. It also doesn't hurt that when I go into the women's store, I'm shopping with my daughter, who is completely delightful and charming. biggrin.gif We've gotten to know the manager a bit, and her store is a very well oiled machine. The men's store could take lessons from her and her staff.
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The Houston Galleria men's store is really hit and miss. I think the only good SA's there is the tall black guy (I think he's the lead SA) and Irma. The one I really dislike is the Asian guy. VG is correct though in that the women's store does have much better customer service. Though this probably has something to do with the fact the women's store is never busy.
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I'll try to avoid sounding like an ass, so i'll leave out the location.


A couple weeks ago i drove out specifically to buy the "made in us ocbd" everyone here praises as i gave away some shirts and had a hanger to fill.


i get there, about 4 employees, 2 of which are folding ties, 2 of which were seemingly playing minesweeper on their computer.


i go to the shirt section, just find the imported version, look around, make eye contact with one tie folder, he quickly looks away and goes to another section.  i grab one of the import shirts and stand in front of the 2 SA's standing in front of the register.  i'm literally 2 feet away from them, holding a shirt.  nothing, one looks up and looks back down.


me and my wife and a stroller are the only other things in the store.


i just say "f this" and plop the shirt on the register and leave.  no reaction.  maybe there was something in the air that made them into zombies?


went to jcrew and blew money there as the girls were killing themselves to help me and brought out 3 of each of what i asked for.


my wife goes "hope you don't plan on spending money there in the future".


i said oh don't worry, never walking into a brooks brothers again.

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My general consensus is that flagship locations are a lot nicer than mall locations.
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