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Need Help with Creating a New Wardrobe!

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Hello Friends of Style Forum!


I am looking to create a new wardrobe and I was hoping that I could pick up a little bit of advice from you all.


First I own only one blazer and this is it. (Sorry for the image quality) To be honest I got it from a thrift store and I have really enjoyed wearing it with those jeans(Express Straight Leg) and different shirts (Mainly that turtleneck and one Flannel Shirt I have) My Wardrobe is sadly limited and I am in desperate need of an upgrade!








I have been looking around at styles and different pictures and the WAYWT thread and been reading on the importance of having items that are interchangeable.


So I have a few items already in mind and kind of a general idea of the style I want to go after.





I am thinking about just getting a couple pairs of these Shrink to Fit because I love that raw not broke in feel they have when I tried some on in the store. Plus, I read an article over at Thighs Bigger than Your Heads blog about getting them to fit just right and I think it would be a real fun experience!


I haven't really looked into brands on Khakis and the such but I know I need a few pair. I am sure they are a staple in a classic wardrobe.



I really like the look of the Wolverine 1000 Mile and the Red Wing Gentleman Travelers Boots but I really need to do some more research on them and get some advice on what kind of look to pull off with these shoes. I am thinking some Levis 501 STF those shoes and some button downs(really need help on the shirts! I don't want to buy mall brands anymore if I can help it!) would be a nice look! I am also interested in this type of boot!




I only have a pair of black bostonions and a brown pair of dockers as far as "dress" shoes go. I haven't looked real hard into dress shoes. I have seen pictures of ones on the forums I like but have not got that far. It just seems like there are so many options for everything haha.



Shirts and Blazers


I have no idea here. That is my fault I haven't done alot of research on this yet. I do want more solid color tee's and the such and maybe a few oxfords. The everlane collection of solid crew tees and their oxford button downs have caught my eye.


If anyone has any advice it will be well appreciated! Ask me any questions if I haven't explained well or if I am not asking the right questions!


Thanks everyone!

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There are no questions to answer. It sounds like things are headed in the right direction, but more knowledge should be acquired first. For example, unless those Everlane button-front shirts are sized (e.g., 15/32), they are not real dress shirts and should not be used as such. There are many shoe options, but size, location, and budget can narrow that down greatly.
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Yeah the everlane are just sports shirts then I suppose. I work part time as a waiter while attending college so I am far from having any substantial budget. What are some good brands of dress shirts or online clothing stores you would suggest? I guess I'm just trying to find quality pieces that are interchangeable so I can get the most out of my money
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Dress shirt size and location would help. Many people can get decent, affordable dress shirts online from Paul Fredrick. Also, Charles Tyrwhitt and T.M. Lewin have many dress shirts on year-end sale. Meanwhile, Levi's website - http://us.levi.com/home/index.jsp - is having a sale on, among other things, denim. Blazers really should be tried on in person before buying, which leads back to location.
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