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Cheaper White Sole Boots!

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Any cheaper alternatives to the 








Much appreciated!!

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Any cheaper and you're gonna start getting some poor quality. This price point is about as "value" as value gets while still getting Made in USA quality. Save your dollaz!
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Poor quality as in cheaper leather? 


I just want to find some dark brown boots (preferably 6") with white soles.

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In Wisconsin (and maybe other parts of the Midwest?) we have Farm N Fleets that carry a line called Work n' Sport. They're made in the USA and seem to be pretty good quality. They have a similar pair to the Chippewas:

I bought these boots to replace a pair of Red WIngs and have been very happy with them. Comfortable and well built. The leather looks much better in person, the pictures are pretty horrible.
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I'm really digging the thorogoods! thanks!


Does anyone know of any good chukka boots with white soles too? 


like this




but 6"

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Those first Work N Sport boots are Thorogood's.
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That's what I thought, they looked just like thorogoods. The seconds ones are too, the photo they're use must just be an old one
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The shape I'm REALLY going for is




But better quality leather and different color!


I would be so glad if someone had an alternative!

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How about Timberland Earhkeeper


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