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Your boot to shoe ratio

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Looks like this Christmas I got a couple pairs of boots, and I'm starting to have quite a growth in the boot department as a result.

So my question is, mainly because I'm just curious: what's your boot to shoe ratio?

Oh, by the way Merry Christmas everybody!
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13 pairs of shoes, 3 boots, 3 slippers.

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80% shoes, 20% boots over here
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Good lord, just checked mine, and it looks like I'm at 60% boots, 40% shoes (not counting sneakers).
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Do boots that I have coming count?

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In shell 9 total and 6 are boots so running ~70% boots to shoes. In calf, CXL, etc. about the same ratio. Unless your counting hunting, hiking, wading and snow boots then it is much higher. Boots are a good thing, sounds like you had a good Christmas so far smile.gif

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For dress situations, 60% boots, of which there is a 50/50 distribution between balmoral and derby.
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In dress foorwear I have 5 boots & 3 shoes. 6 boots if you count my beat up 405s.
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100% boots in 100% overly sleek lasts?

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Three pairs of boots and only one pair of shoes, but I also don't have a job where I would actually need dress shoes. 

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3:1 shoes to boots.
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At least 10 to one in favor of boots.
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Not sure how one has 10:1 in favor of boots. Am I missing something or does having multiple pairs of Chelseas and desert boots trump derbies monks double monks oxfords loafers etc
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Focusing solely on leather footwear that is appropriate with wool slacks in an office setting, I'm at three pairs of boots and six of dress shoes. Plans in the works for a burgundy shell gunboat and a black calf wholecut... but otherwise it's boots dang near exclusively until I get sick of them.
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