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Hello all, 

I am new to the forum so please pardon me in advance for either not starting a thread in the proper section or failing to observe a similar thread which is already in existence. 

In any case, I recently graduated with a Bachelors in Accountancy with a decent (3.4) GPA. I was pushed into Accountancy due to the perceived job security and noticeable industry growth. To be honest, I'm not particularly keen on the field and lack any enthusiasm which most of my classmates seemed to exude. 

I have approximately 3.5 years of experience in AP / AR. To be honest, it was a nightmare; a place suitable for the death of creativity. I was thinking about venturing into auditing, but I have a few doubts in terms of landing a job. 
First of all, I switched majors from Neuroscience to Accounting, and consequently spent 6 years in college, graduating at 24. I matriculating from a below average school (College of Staten Island), with a decent GPA (3.4). What are my chances of getting a job at a decent Auditing firm in NYC or New Jersey, and how would you recommend I go about increasing my chances of doing so?
I apologize in advance for the lengthy post; the frustration is building since all of my friends have had careers since 21 and I'm still jobless at 25.