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Need Advice on New (1st) Suit

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Hey guys. So, I nought a suit when I came home from school over Thanksgiving break and I just picked it up today after alterations.


It's an Armani Collezioni which I think is frowned upon in general on SF, but it was too good of a deal to pass up ($2100 on sale for $350).


I am 6'2" 205 lbs, athletic build. I also have a pretty big drop 44L jacket and 34-35 pants whcih made it hard for me to find an OTR suit that worked.


I picked it up today and tried it on after the alterations (shortened pants and sleeves, brought in pants waist, slightly brought in jacket waist) and the tailor said it looked good. I'm a noob but I'm a little skeptical of this tailor so i decided to bring it home to see what you experts had to say.


My concerns: When the tailor brought in the jacket at the waist the hips seemed to flare out slightly, sleeve length, sleeve circumference (too wide)


Let me know if you guys have any thoughts on my concerns i.e. if they're valid or not, and any critiques of your own. Let me know if the pics work or not. Thanks a bunch.







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The jacket kinda looks big around the shoulder area, how much further does the jacket shoulder extend in relations to your natural shoulder?
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The jacket looks like it might be a little loose fitting in general, including the sleeves and belly/waist area.  Does it feel like that?  I'm not expert either - curious to see what others see. 

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It does looked a little loose doesn't it? Make sure they're just loose enough to be comfortable and not baggy.

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The sleeves are a little loose. The torso feels pretty snug in the shoulder area and in the chest all the way down to the button. But when it gets to the button it seems to flare out. This wasn't a problem before the tailor brought the jacket in. I think this is giving it the "loose" appearance. Is there anything that can be done about this?

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The purchase looks passable, the low armholes is pretty bad. I still will consider such first suit purchase a good attempt, at least it will get better next time. Enjoy the holiday.
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Regardless of how you feel about my purchase, I'd be grateful if you could help me improve it as much as possible. The tailor did not have any further suggestions, he thought it looked perfect. Like I said I'm new to this and could use some help. I need some specific changes to tell the tailor to make in order to improve the suit as much as possible. Thanks guys.

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get better pictures... use a timer or a clicker or have someone else take them. we need front, side, and back and better lighting like outside.

I see some collar gap, slightly wide shoulders, body is 'traditional' length, ie slightly long compared to the fashion today, the chest seems to have a little drape there, and the sleeves still look long but it matches the overall looseness. Have you tried a 42R instead of 44L?

OP, you also need to understand that this is an off the rack suit, so it's not like the tailor can reconstruct it. 80% of the suit is not changeable, it's already made and designed for a certain body style, all your tailor can do is tweak the fit here and there. It's not terrible by any means, and we're a nitpicky bunch so take it with a grain of salt.
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