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Need Advice on New (1st) Suit

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Hey guys. I purchased my first suit around thanksgiving time when I came home from school and just picked it up today post-alterations. I'm going to be working my first legit job this summer and I also need it for other occasions.


It's an Armani Collezioni, which I believe is slightly frowned upon on SF, but the deal was too good to pass up ($2100 retail, on sale for $350).


I am 6'3" 210 lbs, athletic build and have a pretty big drop 44L jacket, 34-35 pants. Given these dimension, I had a pretty hard time finding an OTR suit that fit but this one felt good in the shoulders (the tailor agreed) and the tailor made what she believed to be the necessary alterations. These included shortening pants and sleeves, bringing pants in at the waist, and bringing the jacket in slightly at the waist. 


When I picked it up today, the tailor said she thought it was perfect. I'm a noob so I decided to bring it home and see what u experts had to say.


My concerns: When she took the jacket in at the waist it seems as though the bottom of the jacket flared out a bit giving it a semi skirt-like appearance (this was not a problem when I first tried the jacket on), sleeve length, sleeve circumference (too wide). 


I hope you guys can address my concerns if they're valid and give your own critiques. I'm attaching pics, hope they are ok but if not let me know. Thanks a bunch guys.










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Can you provide side and rear view pictures?
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Its is looking very good and suiting your personality.

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