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Lengthy health-care wait times cost Canadians at least $1.1 billion a year in lost productivity...The Private Cost of Public Queues for Medically Necessary Care, shows that the estimated 928,120 patients waiting for surgery in Canada last year lost an average of $1,202 each due to hospital backlogs.


Canada has some of the longest wait times in the industrialized world....

Windsor Regional Hospital chief of staff Gary Ing says the Fraser Institute study is right that wait times are too long.

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Non-emergency surgeries cancelled in Windsor/Essex County yet again. Why? They can't fucking sterilize their surgical instruments properly. This has been ongoing for months.
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Letter from someone impacted by this failure:
I’m in total disgust with our health care system. I was one of the patients affected by the cancellation of surgeries due to the sterilization issue.

As I read in your paper, those surgeries should be caught up in the next week or two, so I sit by my phone anxiously awaiting my new date.

I finally got the call and was told that the hospital is not allowing extra time for these missed surgeries. So, now I have to wait until Dec. 19. I have been waiting for this surgery for a long time now, I’m in tremendous pain 24-7 as the bones in my foot fuse together from RA and osteoarthritis.

Why should I have to wait any longer when there are other options?

It has to really be upsetting to know you're just a 15 minute drive from multiple hospitals in the Detroit area that could schedule this in the next day.
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