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I forgot to mention the Aloha Rag overcoat I purchased on clearance. I don't get to wear it often, but wore it over a suit tonight. Pretty great fit and details.
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Many white-t's from jcrew. Fit works well for me, no branding and easy to wear every day.
toj1 from last year, had for almost exactly one year now. I get loads of wear from it.

Also good:
fishtail and baseball jacket for pleasure and thumbs, both are nice to wear but I haven't had them in the right season for long yet.

APC PNS, wanted something like my PS but higher back rise and that's what they are but I'm stupid and that's not what I wanted. The back rise is higher but the waist is still the same size so they just have much more sag in the ass and still give me a plumbers crack very easily. Leg's fit well too so if I ever grow out only my ass they'll be good. Think I'll order something from artist denim next year.
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COS Waffle Cardigan (very good price for amazing fabric and good quality)
COS Gradient Sweatshirt (very comfortable, looks like Geller, easy to wear)
COS scarf (looks good, feels good!)
Margiela Sidezips
Margiela GATs (comfortable yeah!)
HMxMMM Sidezips


I had no bad purchases concerning quality/looks etc. but I sized a lot things wrong including:
- 2x APC Petit Standard
- Couple of shirts (ASOS, S&S, Raf)
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COS hooded wool jacket

Acne Johnston sweatpants

Dries Van Noten veber bomber

New Balances (373's and 420's in black) 



H&M jeans

+ everything that's too small :(

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best: cp bball's and suede chukkas, 45rpm sport coat, Uniqlo tees, draws and oxfords
worst: a ten c snow smock that is on ice
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post pictures damnit
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With 2012, I started to find my general footing with how my style is going.
Also I found my appreciation and love for Ervell's designs, thus this year was FULL of purchases.
Got a few more things (non-Ervell) coming in the mail, so I'll add those respectively once I receive them.

Patrik Ervell F/W '11 Navy Wool-knit Baseball jacket: Amazing amazing piece. Will always be a staple layering piece for me.
Patrik Ervell S/S '12 Burgundy Shawl Cardigan: Same as above.
Patrik Ervell S/S '10 Ivory Knit Sweater:  Again, save as above. Ervell's knits never cease to amaze me.

SHIPS Grey Trousers: Fit me very well, and are always in my trouser rotation.

Not so great:
Patrik Ervell F/W '08 Light Blue Standard Button-down: Ervell's sizing in 08 was really strange. Fit was a mix between XS/S and was too long for me.
Our Legacy Great Sweat Navy: I really wanted to like this sweater, and actually it had a pretty nice slouchy fit on me. But sadly, wasn't worth what I purchased it for IMO.
Bedwin & The Heartbreakers Hillel Baseball Shirt: This was my fault, but the size I bought was way too big. (I thought I could make do with a size up. NOPE)

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It's difficult for me to get excited about anything other than the jackets and footwear I bought since I tend to pair everything with jeans and a tee. Best ones that are seeing the most wear....

Attachment wool / leather stadium


wjk goose down M66


junhashimoto inner riders leather


junhashimoto waxed horse back zips

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Fjällräven "Greenland" in orange
buch of Orvis "Slim fit ultimate khakis"
Sebago "schooner" boat shoes
Gurteen Esquire heavy (really..) forest green moleskin trousers
Howlin´by morris scarfs

two pair of yuketens (fits like shit), sold for a loss
Not much else I can think of, havent really bought alot this year.
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My favorites this year:

  • taylor stitch shirts, specifically the yosemite chamois
  • hooded barbour jacket, especially when it rained for like a month straight in seattle
  • alden/jcrew #8 shell captoe boot
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