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Your Best & Worst Purchases of 2012

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This thread was great fun to wrap up last year. Hoped to give forum members an opportunity again to sum up their year of purchases. What worked? What didn't? As APK wrote last year,
What purchases did you make this year that gave you that warm, fuzzy feeling inside long after the new car smell that comes with any purchase had evaporated? You know, the piece that made you wonder how you ever got yourself out of bed before you had that piece in your life. The one that allowed you to say, "Well, everything else is terrible, but at least I still have ___."

Conversely, what occurrences of bank account drainage this year were nothing short of a disaster? That item you eyed and longed for over the course of many weeks and months, only to be completely underwhelmed (or even heartbroken) once you had it in your possession. Maybe that piece that you just couldn't get rid of, no matter how many times you took a cyber hatchet to that son of a bitch in the B&S forum.

Please feel free to update us on purchases made last year as well (thread linked above). Will post myself in a bit; in-laws just walked through the door.
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Best Purchases:

Momotaro 702: Perhaps my favorite forum-inspired denim undertaking yet. Originally picked it up in March or April to line up in the queue until I finished a few other pairs, but with the advent of the 702-contest, just had to throw them on. Fantastic cut, amazing denim, and really soft - even during the break in stage. Combined with previous experience w/ a 705sp from earlier in forum life, have decided that Momo is my denim brand.

Epaulet Rivet Chinos: Chinos have always been a dirty word - I've never quite been able to find the proper balance in the chino look. It would always lean too far towards "middle management." But these pants have been an absolute revelation. Grabbed the Plum Duck Canvas and Gunmetal Canvas pairs in mid-summer and have found myself struggling for reasons to not wear them. Super fit, quality construction, made in the USA. Look forward to purchasing more in the coming months.

Alden for JGilbert #8 Captoe Boots: B/S snag in September/October. Plaza last. Not an "exotic" shell per se, but my grail boot nonetheless. The plaza is a great silhouette for me, and I would wear these boots every day if I could. Beyond comfortable, and the commando sole gives an edge to them that helps to dress them down. Have received more compliments on these boots than any other pair of footwear that I own.

Alden Cigar Longwing: Another B/S snag from February of this year. Barrie last. A lot of people have issues w/ the barrie last, but having just worn this shoe today for Christmas services, I can't say enough about these shoes. The cigar is an incredibly complex color, and I love the contrast of the antique welt against the deep cigar color.

Worst Purchases:

Wolf vs Goat Blue Raspberry Before Dinner Oxford: Really loved this shirt, but the armholes just ended up being a tad too high and a bit too tight. Can't say anything against Mauro's work construction-wise, and still own other pieces from the brand, but ended up having to move this one on as I bulked up through the year (many thanks to the guys in the Random Health and Exercise Thoughts thread).

Pure Blue Japan xx003: Bought these after having a fantastic pair of xx009s, wanting to get back into non-overdyed denim. Fit just wasn't the same. Soaked them, wore them maybe once and flipped them. Massive facepalm.gif for the pocket book. Never getting pure raws again - only o/w versions for me from here on out.

Middle Ground - Yet Undecided:

SNS Stark in Burgundy: Lusted after this since Summer of 2011, but only recently was able to snag one. Love the fabric, color, the piece itself, but the L I managed is not quite as anti-fit and slouchy as I'd initially imagined. Will probably have to stretch it out a bit with wear - weather here in Las Vegas hasn't been nearly cold enough to justify wearing it super frequently, so it hasn't had much wear time.

Nike Flyknit in Electric Green: Again, lusted in a painful way after the volt colorway made popular by the Olympic Games this summer. Wasn't able to catch that pair, but picked these up later into fall. Love the boldness of the color, and always get complements, but sizing feels a bit off. 11.5 was too tight, and this is just a tad too loose for my liking, especially as the weave stretches out with wear. Don't regret the purchase, but not as satisfied as I should be.

Japan Blue 400sp: Purchased in mid-summer and loved for a long time. As squat numbers increased, got a little tight - not "flip on the B/S" tight, but just a little beyond where I'd initially imagined the fit. Have decided to bleach them out as an ultra-summer pair in the future, ala SVB in the Epaulet thread w/ his old APC.

Alden NatCXL Indy Boot: For as much as I love these boots, and as much as it pains me to say it, these have only achieved middling status for me. The leather is beyond fantastic and has aged to an almost-ravello, haven't had any QC issues with this pair, and they go great with just about anything in my wardrobe, but as my first indulgence into Alden, got the sizing a hair off I suspect. The leather has stretched a bit to the point of "almost-too-big" across the upper, despite the footbed remaining über comfortable. Suspect I could have dropped a second 1/2 size down on the trubalance.

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I'm fortunate to say that I have nothing that I would consider a "miss" this year, though plenty of things from last year I am realizing are a miss this year, haha. For my best ...

Attachment Hood Coat


One of my more expensive purchases while simultaneously being very simple looking. I am still getting used to buying things that don't wear their details ostentatiously, but I'm very happy that I took the plunge on this one. The wool is satisfyingly dense, the seamwork is incredible, and the sharp lines of the coat are very flattering. Its only shortcoming is that it's not fully lined, which is where my next favourite comes into play ...

Uniqlo Ultra Light Down (Slim Fit Ver.)


Owning this has been revelatory. This jacket is a marvel of modern clothing technology. How is it that a jacket can be so warm, so light, and so affordable? I don't know. But it's not particularly nice looking. Luckily, the slim fit version lends itself perfectly to being worn as a liner rather than a full-on jacket. You no longer need to buy a big, puffy parka to keep warm during the cold winter months – just put this on under your favourite wool coat and you're good to go.

It's rare that I love something simply for its utility, but this thing is just stellar.

Plokhov Pillaging


I was fortunate enough to be informed by bows1 while I was in NYC that there was an Alexander Plokhov sale happening. I got the jumper, tanktop (no vis), shorts, and leggings in the outfit above for under $300. What a steal.

Ann Demeulemeester Boots


I literally got out of bed at 3 AM to order these after seeing a stellar coupon code from LN-CC show up in my inbox. The leather is like velvet in its iridescence, and the construction – to my admittedly untrained eyes – is top notch.

KiryuyriK Napoleon Jacket


I got a lot of items from KiryuyriK this year that I'm really happy with, so I almost feel bad to single out just one. But the standout piece must also be KiryuyriK's most iconic and popular piece, the Napoleon Jacket. This item sold out at every store on day 1, but luckily the brand itself was able to track down one for me. In fact, I love it so much I wish I could get this long, flannel version made especially for winter, but it's not in the cards for me.
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Best Purchases:

Alden for J. Gilbert Shell #8 Plain Toe Boot: I've made a couple of missteps with Aldens both in sizing and in styling (see below), but this boot knocks it out of the park. The Plaza last has a really nice shape. Color #8 goes with almost anything that I regularly wear. The commando sole tops it off to make it more wearable in the Seattle fall/winter. Plus J. Gilbert is a local shop so it the cherry on top is supporting what they do.

Filson Cover Cloth Weekender Jacket : Warm enough and keeps me dry. The fit is so much better than the Barbour Beaufort that it replaced. Slight niggle is the hood could be a little better integrated, but it works.

Worst Purchases:

Alden Model 975 - Color #8 Longwings: Strike 1 - sizing mistake. Strike 2 - not my style, i never felt comfortable wearing these outside of a work environment, and even then I felt like a businessman in 1963. Got caught up in the effortless/timeless/classic tagline so often attached to these. Strike 3 - Let go on B/S for about half of what I paid.

Levi's LVC 1966 501: Bought in early January at Sid Mashburn in Atlanta, I wanted to get them hemmed by the store, but was worried about shrinking. They said they would wash them before hemming, which may or may not have included a trip into the dryer, to which I dumbly agreed. When I picked them up, the hem seemed ok and the color seemed unaffected. So I wore them for 6 months or so until the first wash, upon which they shrunk even more in both the hem and the waist. Now they are too short and too small. A shame because it seems like a good cut. They're just sitting in my closet now. I don't want to donate a pair of $200 jeans to goodwill, but B/S options seem limited.

Superfluous...? TBD:
Goal this year was to whittle down what I have,
fill in a couple of holes, and enjoy.
What potential pitfalls lie ahead?

Alden Norwegian Split Toe Bluchers: I wanted an all-around blucher in a nice neutral color, thought I had it in these. Sizing is off just enough to give me concern. I think a tongue pad would solve it, but I'm on the fine line of do I want to keep wearing them to see they work out or do I cut my losses and post on B/S before they get too much wear? Listed on B/S now, might change my mind though.

Custom Quoddy Deck Chukka: Was hoping they would serve as a casual chukka, but they might be too casual. Really comfy, just unsure whether or not they'll get enough wear to justify keeping. These except in natural cxl:

Filson x Levi's Hunter Jacket: Wanted a casual light fall jacket. This one is so close, the only problem is it doesn't have an hand warmer pockets. Bought on a pretty decent sale, and like it when I wear it, but probably wouldn't miss it if it were gone.
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Best: Fiorentini and Baker 745 boot. Partly because I'd been waiting for 3 years for a price drop at Barneys and then they showed up on Yoox for an absurd price. They look and feel even better in person.

Honorable mention: Lots of Kitsune stuff, all of it really well-made, minimalist and stylish.

Worst: Nothing that wasn't my own damn fault for not being attentive to what works for me when I bought it.
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ann d kolibri t-shirt ss2012

kva icarus 2011?

jil f/w sweater

cos bonded cotton jacket ss2012

fujiwara ss2011 sweater

kenzo fw 2012 neoprene pants

lanvin fw 2010 hightops

raf ss2009 velcro and lanvin ss2012 double layer pants + kva x eastpak ss2012 backpack

givenchy ss 2012 pants

mmm fw 2011 shadow print t-shirt

most worn: Drkshdw jersey hoodie ss2012 + our legacy silk cotton sweat shorts

not so good:

uniqlo x undercover t-shirt (had custom problems, ordered from japan)
uniqlo airism t-shirt (doesn't fit)
lanvin double layer silk cotton hoodie (great item, but fit doesn't work for me, will be on b&s soon)
our legacy japanese tee, kinda itchy
polo rl socks (hole after 1st wash)
stephan schneider patio shirt (didn't like the fabric)
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- Lanvin chunky shawl cardigan: I always wanted one of the NdG chunky knits but missed the boat, so I am finally filling that gap in my wardrobe with something even better
- Vince leather sleeve varsity jacket: been looking for this for a couple years, and it's on par with the Givenchy-level ones that cost 6x as much
- Margiela high-tops: finally found a pair in my size and thankfully before everything went to hell with the H&M collab
- Junya blazer: just epic
- Raf Simons chain derbies: ditto the above

- Raf polos from ASOS that arrived with 30% duties and then showed up on Yoox way cheaper
- Phillip Lim pants slightly too big that I never got around to tailoring and later saw for sale in my size
- Nigel Cabourn clip jacket: fits larger than I wanted so I haven't worn it, don't know whether to take in the chest or sell
- Marc Jacobs silk blend sweatpants: seller lied about condition but I bought direct through Paypal so got screwed
- Lanvin woven suede boots: they're a neat texture but I haven't worn them and don't know when I will
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dayton service boots. Was this 2011?
Threw in closet for months after ordering debacle, then realized they sized me up 1 full size and they dont fit.
Uniqlo UU wool coat for lady, did not fit right at all.

Geller dip dye sweatshirt
tons of almost free gyakausou
Uniqlo UU green parka. Thing just makes me feel good.
Uniqlo UU Zipper skinny jeans. I have unlocked my 6'5 skinny leg potential with these.
Rock climbing shoes and harness

Realizing i did not kop all that much this year. No robokop sale madness, no big ticket pieces.
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(Thanks Tween)

(Our Legacy casual pants that are perfect for Texas)
And a recent entry...


3.1 Phillip Lim dress shirt. Fucking thing is awful.
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Originally Posted by Zeemon View Post

stephan schneider patio shirt (didn't like the fabric)
I've had 4 of his shirts and have never been very impressed by fit/fabric. Maybe its just not for me.

My best purchases were a wool/linen and the autumn wool Frank Leder shirts. The fit is good for me and the fabrics are much better than those I've found on the Schneider shirts (granted I've only handled a few shirts). The fabric for the autumn wool shirt is a mix of red and dark/light brown that gives it a rusty/copper color. It is simply amazing and I would buy another if I could. Wool/linen is nice too and my only gripe is that its somewhat itchy.

I also got a used Acronym jacket that is decent. I believe its a J-11 but is just a detachable hood blazer that looks wonky as a blazer but normal as a jacket. I really do like it but some parts of its design are confusing. Most of the pockets are too small or awkward to use which help to keep the jacket slim but could easily have not been added. The pocket on the sleeves is a cool idea but it is cumbersome to put anything inside and open the flap to let things fall out. The sling to carry the jacket is a nice touch but I've rarely used it and it looks funny when used. Hood is also small and barely covers my head. I bought it used for a small part of retail price and my gripes are small so overall I am happy with what I got. Retail prices on Acronym are insane and I would never be able to justify buying anything at retail but I don't like the look of most other light jackets.

My worst purchase was my Gyakusou shorts which serve their purpose but was mostly a hype purchase. It is difficult to justify the price on something I just use for exercising and lounging.
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Originally Posted by LPatterson View Post

And a recent entry...

Somebody sell me this in a medium. frown.gif

p.s. thank you brad-t for the Uniqlo slim down rec. Just bought one.
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I feel like I've made pretty decent purchases overall this year and I spent a lot more this year than I did last year, so I guess I lucked out. Any items that I ended up returning/reselling were due to sizing/fit as opposed to a general feeling of "not being worth it/construction issues/etc". Still kinda sad about the Rick I had to let go shog[1].gif

The ones I enjoy most:
- leather jackets: A2 brown lamb, blue suede harrington, black lamb AMDR
- outerwear: Aspesi quilted blazer, Schneider alpaca coat, Schneider plain hidden placket jacket
- jeans: BOM004 (cotton/silk Momotaro jeans, first "repro" jeans in a while), washed gray Dior 19cm
- knits: Schneider ijevan, Schneider colonial, SNS two tone pullover, Zam Barret echadh (wool), Ervell alpaca pocket, Geller dip-dye
- boots: Guidi 995 baby calf, Loake jodhpur, Alden cigar cap toe, MMM side-zips
- sneakers: Raf black patent vandals
- watch: vintage Omega SM300

Aso picked up a some work staples, which while not as "exciting", see a lot of use - I enjoy them for what they are. I stuck with mostly SF vendors and I can't complain. Epaulet for shirting/trousers and some WvG shirts. Also, I found my Epaulet textured wool trousers easy to pair with Schneider/Ervell type stuff anyhow. People who write off Epaulet as for the Stanley Van Buren lifestyle only (nothing wrong with being SvB of course) are probably doing themselves a disservice. Many people here in SW&D probably don't need a bunch of dress shirts and OCBD's / tartan print trousers / chinos, but the more subdued trousers are often made with interesting wools/blends. Construction is at least as good as any fashion trousers I've owned and handled. I get a lot of mileage out of mine.

A lot of those items probably fall in the category of "SF hype" or "SF approved", but they work for me. I also didn't pay retail on a vast majority of them. In any case, I'll probably be picking up much fewer items in the coming year as I feel like I've rounded out a lot of things I was missing before (barring any major changes in interest/work/lifestyle).
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Inverallan burgundy 6A cardigan.  Worn it 2-3 days a week since I got it.

Schneider black wool/mohair cardigan: ditto the above, and I think I paid $120

Grey dior stretch 19cm's from '06: I've worn these almost every day since I got them, they go with everything.  Dunno what the hell I'm gonna do when they die.

Adam Kimmel nylon flight jacket: super '80's in all the right ways.

Veronique Branquinho wool bomber: I think this was this year?

Raf ponyhair chukkas: only nice thing I've ever seen on Gilt, purchased for a really great price.  The nicest-looking shoe I've ever seen in person.



Geller oversized two-tone sweatshirt: it was only like $50, but whyy

Jil turtleneck sweater: this is actually really nice but it doesn't fit so I have no idea why I kept it. Blinded by the softness I guess.

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left field selvedge miner chinos in both indigo and white
trickers x norse lollipop stow boots
belstaff six days blousen and quilted warmer jacket
blue in green chinos

paul smith york boots - could never get the fit or style right
alden tassel loafers - really thought i would wear these more
high west rendezvous rye - not as good as the double rye and costs a lot more
isaora sweat pants - horrible fit, wife woulda divorced me if i kept
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Theres been a lot of purchases this year.

Schneider Armenian (shadow cloak)
RO Mollino
Songs for the Mute 2 button black linen blazer
Zam B Soft J cotton pants
Geller Andreas drawstring pants (cotton/linen)--wear these a lot so soft and comfy.
RO long merino cardi in dust - goes with everything.
Frank Leder high neck cardi
SNS Stark purple
Ervell pocket sweater
Ervell baseball cardi
Forme D' jersey pants

Schneider Iljevan
Viridi Anne gradient cardi

RO drop crotch sweatpants
Geller S/S sweater
Silent L/S sweaters

Schneider Damask coat
Schneider Quilted reversible
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