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Found this badboy the other day.


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That shit cray.
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^^^Awesome. I am envisioning a Twilight Zone episode where a "Dusty Hunter" (that's what we call people who hunt for older bourbon on the shelf in the whiskey world---which may not be clothing related, but I should post a pic of my super awesome dusty collection) finds a vintage briefcase...he jokingly picks up the phone to call the "State 2-0339" phone number on the ID tag, and it goes through and he fonds himself speaking to Mr Benjamin Nelson, 36 years old, traveling salesman, and is immediately transported back to Chicago, 19xx where he remains. Awesome case.
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I think I've seen that episode...... wow.giftinfoil.gif
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The only real problem area on it are the two top straps. They are a little cracked and flaking. I was thinking of having them replaced with new black leather straps. Since this is for my own personal use, I'm not worried about keeping it "period correct". Any thoughts?
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I think that'd work.

It would be pretty hard to match the original color exactly. I think the only other option is to have a contrasting color.
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Custom jacket, Reagan era. Peak lapel, dual vent, killer lining.
photo IMG_9909_zps436c66ab.jpgWarning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
photo IMG_9911_zps248d2b0c.jpgphoto IMG_9912_zps3d26995d.jpg
photo IMG_9913_zpsee7647d3.jpgphoto IMG_9906_zps5beb3bac.jpgphoto IMG_9907_zpsf999341d.jpg

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Vintage Abercrombie and Fitch shooting jacket. The union tag indicates mid '60s to early '70s. Suede trim, heavy wool and leather buttons. Full canvas and hand attached collar. It was obviously used for its intended purpose, and used frequently. A few issues but salvageable if anyone would like a project. 42 L.


th_afshooting1_zpsff42aaff.jpg th_afshooting2_zpsb6dc1184.jpg
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^ Very cool, especially knowing that it saw use! icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

Cleaning out my hoarder-esque collection of shirts I came across this gem. A little big for me, one of many tailoring projects that I never got around to.

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Golden Era Brooks Brothers Cord Sport Coat. It needs some work but is too fucking cool to let die. 40 Short.

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Thread Starter 
40s/50s Woolrich and an awesome cape.


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Love the cape Spoo, great find!
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Cross posting from the thrift thread;

A Paul Stuart tux in great shape from sometime after '49 (and if I'm right about union tags) before '62 when the (R) was introduced in the bottom left corner. If anyone knows who was manufacturing for PS and could help narrow down the date I would appreciate it.

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Someone removed the basting stitches from the peak lapels and I think it was the victim of a bad press because the lapels make more sense to me like this;

Than like this;

Tough to see but the collar has lots of hand work;

Only one inside pocket and these three labels;

The pants with exterior suspender buttons, cummerbund a must with this one;

A 17.5" rise;

Talon zipper and all of the grosgrain buttons were done on a Defiance button press;

If anyone is in the market for a vintage menswear themed coffee table book, I was given this one for Christmas and it's pretty cool.
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@SpooPoker if I saw someone wearing that cape, I would probably mug them for it.  I'm not violent; it's just that cool.

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