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I've had this one for eons, finally getting around to selling it. Made in the USA but an ostensibly English-cut by Hardy Aimes. Done in a lovely charcoal pinstripe flannel, the jacket has a ticket pocket, double rear vents, and roped shoulders. 3 Pieces, a true size 36 Short. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

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Love this thread! Definitely going to subscribe! Great job 

post #858 of 1332 anyone out there?

Golden Era Brooks Brothers, every detail is there. One of the best, if not the best, check patterns that I've come across.

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My guess is the 80s, before the acopalypse.
It turns out htat I am incorrect.The label in the
jacket was if effect up to 1976.
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Grabbed this yesterday.

Tentatively dibsed.
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Can anyone put a date on this J Press shirt? Seems to be NOS. Has stamp on shirt, no content tag. I assume it's from the San Francisco store, which suggests at least pre-1983.

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Originally Posted by FaceOfBoh View Post

Cross post from Thrift thread.

Custom made Jodhpurs. Made in Delhi, June 1957 for Canada's High Commissioner (Ambassador) to India at that time. Sorta fit me too! (Though he had a but bigger waist and probably a few inches on me).

You are ready for the next chukka.
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Originally Posted by Coal_Mining_Polak View Post anyone out there?

Golden Era Brooks Brothers, every detail is there. One of the best, if not the best, check patterns that I've come across.
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Wow .. I have a couple of very similar coats..maybe
I should contact the auction house and ask for the losers contact details ; )
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30's-era Wool Shirt Jac Pullover. A myriad cool details: throat latch, front pockets, Talon zipper, and bakelite buttons. Von Lengerke and Antoine was a sporting goods store which sold machine guns to Al Capone. eek.gif

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Picked up this Burberrys coat today at a little thrift in Vancouver, BC. Measured: 52. All buttons are leather covered. No holes that I can see so far. Checked Vintage Guild and is pre-1960's Burberrys' as it has no ' after the name. Stylist says 1940's. What you guys think? Definitely for flipping. Vlassis






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Thats the oldest Burberry I have ever seen.
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Cross-post.  Here's a (late 30s, maybe early 40s?) overcoat, laid flat.  Wool (!!!) corduroy.  There are no tags inside.

Hideous levels of contrast to show detail.  Medium-dark grey diagonal wool corduroy, brown bakelite buttons.  There's absolutely no shaping whatsoever so that it can fit over however many layers you've got on underneath.  No back vent or kick pleat either.  Hand-stitched buttonholes.  Yes, the lining actually is purple.

The colours are closest to reality in this one.  There's no chest pocket, the boutonnière hole is not cut, and there is no darting underneath the lapel.


Close-up of sleeve detail.  The faux buttonholes for the cuffs are sewn with a couple lines of regular stitching.  The flaps on the pockets tuck in handily and easily.

Rear of coat, showing the absolute lack of pleats, belts, vents, or adornment.  The shoulder seams are slightly sloped backwards, not that you can tell from this image.  The fabric is incredibly hardy and no matter how many times I sit on it a light brushing brings it back to its fullness.

Tons of rows of stitching going back and forth on the underside of the lapel, and detail of the fabric.  That's a red thread from one of my sweaters on the right, not a stain.

The coat is fully lined, and comes with two scalloped, flapped internal pockets in addition to the diagonal watch pocket above the heart.  The underarm wear guards need to be sewn back on; I did it once but it didn't hold well.  One of the internal buttons is a different colour (but same exact dimensions) for some unknown reason.

Detail of left-hand pockets and underarm guards.  Mysterious stains on the outside of the watch pocket.

I got this coat last spring, and mysteriously, there was an old bus ticket stowed inside the pocketwatch pocket.  The kicker?  It was for 25 yen.  This coat went to Japan before coming back to Canada, but the full story is something I can't imagine.  It probably wasn't made in Japan because of world events at the time, unless it was made for a tourist who visited before the war.

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Cross-post.  I didn't purchase this one, but I found it in a shop in Japan when I was there this summer and was really tempted to buy it before logic told me not to buy an extremely heavy winter coat while travelling light. An extremely heavy winter coat in summer, no less.

This was a weird one.  It was made of an INCREDIBLY heavy melton wool, with a 3-button shawl collar configuration and extreme hacking pockets.  Adding to that, the buttons had a hidden placket and the coat was ankle-length.  All the linings felt like cotton to me.

It had amazingly large square kimono sleeves attached to the body almost all the way down.  What a freaky hybrid.


The pocket linings were torn to shreds.  This thing was either worn into the ground or heavily abused.  Tons of hand stitching was everywhere.


The last picture I could take before the batteries in my camera ran out.  Vertical interior pocket openings!?  It looks like there was also a diagonal watch pocket much like the coat I posted earlier, but it looks so much larger.  Maybe it was to accommodate the larger pocket watches of the late 1800s?

I don't even know how old this thing is, but the range I estimated at the time was somewhere between 1890 and 1930.  Pretty wide range, and I wish I'd gotten pictures of the back and under the collar, or better pictures of the lining.

There was another overcoat right next to it that looked of a similar vintage with a one-button collar and large capelet.  Didn't get any pictures of that one, but a similar one showed up in Carnation during the early weeks, when it was set in the 1920s and '30s.

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