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Hi, I'm a college student working on a research project involving vintage clothing and, more specifically, workwear. It would be of great help to me if I could interview anyone involved with this thread or the general interest. Please, message me or reply asap if interested, thanks!

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X-Post from thrift thread....


1966 Norman Hilton x Princeton University - Class of 1941, 25th Reunion Jacket.


Triple Patch, 3 Roll 2, Swelled Edge Trad Goodness in a Fresco Weave

Sadly the Class of '41 patch has been removed, but the buttons and lining are still awesome enough on their own.


The unique Class of '41 sketching on the lining is a Princeton Tiger (dressed as Roosevelt) riding an exploding earth (dressed as Hitler)









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That is so awesome words fail me. I'd love to see the patch, but almost better without it since you can wear it normally without the details making it into a costume piece.
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Long time no post for this thread. Found these two yesterday and would love some other info on them. @Pierson v Post was kind enough to get me info on the medals for the top one, but the bottom one I cant find anything about. Im pretty sure that union label is from pre 1934, but cant seem to place the west point on the label with the real west point.

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Ever wondered what kind of oxford shoes were worn at the beginning of the 20th century?

Here's one Massachusetts-made American pair.


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^^^ WOW!!!
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Originally Posted by TheNeedMachine View Post



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X-post from the thrift thread. Very cool find today!
Originally Posted by Dirt View Post

Pop on clothing over 100 years old and its fucking pristine. Like, PERFECT. Crazy. Hand work all over it.

Found the tailor's obituary. Apparently, he passed away only a few years after this jacket is dated. Immigrant from Austria. I love these little tidbit of history. Really makes finding stuff like this that much more intriguing.

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