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Thank you, Double 0! I will take a look at eBay's bounty now.
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Here's another Vintage Polo Ralph Lauren piece. It's a new old stock (still pinned) Chambray Shirt with neat Western detailing on the cuff. I've never seen this particular label.

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That shirt is KILLER, especially the cuff detail.

I've never found out too much info about it, but I feel like it was started in the late 70s or early 80s and existed for less than a decade. Polo Western and Polo Country seem to be sub-brands of Ralph that were pre-cursors to RRL (the embroidery on the cuff isn't too far off of modern RRL)
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It's been a bit since there's been a post in here. I've got a couple items to toss on here. First is a nice vintage Woolrich Black/Red jacket. I happened to come across this last night in my size and I was pretty stoked. I've been wanting to find something in this style for a bit and this definitely fits the bill. Based on my research the tag indicates a late 60's date for this. The zipper is also large and hefty with the word "Ideal" on it that screams vintage. It's in pretty awesome shape too.





Next is a vintage Brooks Brothers jacket. I've had this forever but I'm just now getting to posting it. The label inside says 1968 I believe. I've searched the name and haven't come up with much, I assume it wasn't anyone crazy famous or anything. It's very cool though, unlined with patch pockets. 





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Looks like 65 or even 60 to me. Nice finds! Whatever the date on that BB, it shows how traditionalist BB was - that lining style was common up through the early 50s, but by the late 50s almost everyone had gone to a half lining in the back.
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Looking at the other numbers I think 65 is definitely a possibility!I definitely see what you're saying. The beauty of traditional looks us they generally don't go out of style in my opinion. I think this jacket could look great now and in the future!
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Here's a stellar overcoat, even amongst so many vintage choices. It's dated 1960 and woven of true Donegal tweed!

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Very nice coat above! I'm going to keep this thread going because I love seeing the vintage stuff. 


I recently found this hat that I thought was pretty awesome. Can't find much information online other than a couple other listings/pictures. I'd guess it's from the 40's or 50's. It's a very small size. I'm not sure if it's a Woolrich made hat or made by another company with Woolrich fabric. If anyone knows anything I'd be interested to hear it!



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this dates from 1949-1962, correct? Cashmere overcoat Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

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This one isn't that vintage... but it's one of the cooler Hickey Freeman pieces that I've come across. Mother-of-pearl buttons, patch pockets, and a BOLD plaid make this something special. 44 XL.

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Found these awesome vintage Dexter Shearling boots. They are in great shape and appear to be quite old. I love the DEX on the soles. Unfortunately not my size.


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Found this a few weeks ago and finally got around to taking some pictures. Custom piece made in Minneapolis in 1911 for a local judge.










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long overdue bump to this thread.

Would anyone be able to point me to any more info on these boots I found today?
Super tough leather, the interior seems to be lined in pigskin. Sizing is on the outside, kind of like Common Projects, which is odd. Says 27 1/2 too.

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Hi, I'm a college student working on a research project involving vintage clothing and, more specifically, workwear. It would be of great help to me if I could interview anyone involved with this thread or the general interest. Please, message me or reply asap if interested, thanks!

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