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Vintage Huntsman

Mark Shale 3 piece tweed, dated July 2 1980



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"Vintage Huntsman"- My guess it is a shirt marketed by Barneys and possibly others in the '90s.
I have a couple of them. Decent shirts. Nothing special

Mark Shale- Who is the maker? Mark Shale and Brittany competed in Chicago to be the local equivalent
of Paul Stuart. I bought a couple of Normal Hilton suits from Brittany in the '80s. Great suits.
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70's-era Pale Red Chambray pants courtesy of Jos A Bank back when they crafted some fine wares. Dig the pre-SF 2" cuff! 39" waist with plenty of room to take out.

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Originally Posted by Coal_Mining_Polak View Post

Dig the pre-SF 2" cuff! 


That's when you know you've struck gold!



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Not too vintage, but still a great summer piece. Very lightweight cotton blend, almost feels like madras. Mother-of-pearl buttons and Made in the USA! 40 Long.

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Found this pair today in my EXACT size...I'm a 10.5 C.


Thought J&M had outsourced everything like Bostonian and Cole Haan...any idea how I might find out how old they are?


They were sparingly worn and well maintained and VERY well constructed.

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Some, mostly, mint 50-60 year old shoes I picked up today.

Allen Edmonds Boot-Skos (sort of the AE version of the Brothel Creeper). These were a regular feature in the AE catalogues from the 50s and 60s, but had disappeared by the early 70s. Tan borhide.

More AE Boot-Skos Pics (Click to show)

NOS Frank Brothers loafers from (I'm guessing) the early 70s.

More Franks Bros Loafer Pics (Click to show)

NOS Johnston and Murphy loafers...also appear to be 70s vintage.

More J&M Loafer Pics (Click to show)

NOS Allen Edmonds golf shoes. The Fairway model was a regular catalogue feature from the 50s into the 70s. The leather on these is magnificent and they are beautiful shoes. If they were my size, I'd remove the spikes and kilts and wear them as dress shoes.

More AE Fairway Pics (Click to show)
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The Boar Hide Chukkas are probably an earlier version of the Viking (1)
which I wore in the '70s when I attended graduate school in Chicago.
They were perfect for the Chicago winters, unless conditions required
heavy water-repellant hiking/work boots.

Viking One:
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I've been meaning to post these for awhile. I've never seen Aldens marked "Bespoke" or "The Bespoke" before. Is this just the name of a model or a particular customization service they offered? Maybe someone knows more:

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

I can't find much info on Morris Bootmakers, except that they were in Beverly Hills, and that they are one of two stores connected to the origin of the Alden tassel moccasin.
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Here's a cross-post from the repp stripe tie thread.  My collection of stripes.  I got most of these in a lot where I paid $15 for a bag of ties.  1920s-1930s; the bow tie is probably 1950s.  Look at those original price tags!





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