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Wall Mounted Tie Rack

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I have a tiny house with an even tinier closets.



My growing wardrobe has warranted me a less-than-$15-Fix. I have about 80 ties total so far (some lent out to friends) and at this level of stacking, I can fit about 100 on one side. If I tighten it to one dowel instead of two, 200 should be no problem.



The most expensive part of the build was the hinge system. These "suitcase" friction hinges allow for me to move the entire rack away from the wall for easier access.





Due to the lack of closet space, my ties are displayed in room instead of the closet. With the rack closed, the other half sits nicely behind the door with no issue.


Materials used:

* Ikea "as is" section - I bought each of those racks (I assume from a crib) from the parts area for $0.99 each

* Friction Hinges- Left and Right side. $3.00 each

* Regular hinges - The bottom of each leg (4 total) pack of 4 for $2.00 each

* Pine boards - Two 1x2: I forget the cost (left over from other projects) They should be only a couple bucks each).

* Screws and other hardware - less than $1.00


I will be refinishing the whole thing when weather stays above 70 degrees with a stain and sealer to smooth it all out nicely. Those crib looking pieces were great "as is" purchases. I bought them three years ago to use as a trellis, but have used them as drying racks for painted items, a holding rack for a spare hood for my car, and now this. If I didn't have these, I would still be gluing dowels into the frame. As far as dust is concerned, I'll have to see if it becomes an issue. I guess If it does, I'll have to fashion some sort of cover.


Thank you for checking out my "thrifted" tie rack.



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That is the most clever tie rack I have seen by far. Functional and practical. I hope to find something like this for sale soon. I am in need of a good tie rack. If you know of any places that carry that same type of design, please shoot me an email.

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Very nicely done! I have quite a bit of accessories that do not fit inside my closet and drawers all that well. Bookmarking this for later so I can steal your idea :)
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