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We Could Use Some More Forums

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All this forum has is dress wear & street wear & denim.  How about a footwear forum?  A watch forum?



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There are several watch threads....
And there is a sock/shoe thread...

Try the search option above.
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If you want a watch forum...there are several big ones out there.

I've been thinking about this recently and I really think there is something to be said for limited scope forums.
The threaded discussion style that we have here is not conducive to huge masses of people (and the some of the general forums already feel overpopulated).

Nested, non-linear discussion, works great for huge groups of people on sites like Reddit. They literally have a subforum on every topic and a metric shitton of active users. Unfortunately, it also fosters a different type of community. There are so many more users, and every individual post has the potential to turn into its own little sub-thread (and instead of being ordered by time, they usually get ordered by popularity/post quality). Really helps bring the best comments to the front, but the individual character of various posters does not come out as much.

SF threads (and any other normal forum) on their default setting are more like sitting in a room with the people. You have to wade through what everyone says in the order they say it. Even if people go off-topic, you are still going to scroll by their crap. This works great until you have so many users that every thread is getting hundreds of posts a day.
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