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Originally Posted by Gdot View Post

Isn't there a fetish site for this sort of thing? happy.gif

I thought this was the fetish site....
Originally Posted by texas_jack View Post

If you had to guess how durable would you think they are?

I have no idea, one the one hand it's very finely knitted, on the other hand it's made from a material used to make bulletproof vests.
That's sort of why I'm asking, because I have no best guess.
Originally Posted by lee_44106 View Post

If you really want to wear pure silk socks all the time, just do it.
Why are you soliciting internet opinion/approval?
The approval you can keep, but the opinions I consider to be valuable as I like to be appropriately dressed, at least when I have to. I've already made an order of more silk socks the same night I received the first pair and I fully intend on wearing them, preferably every day, but I don't consider it to be silly to want to know whether or not I'm dressed inappropriately when doing so. I'll be wearing them often either way, but if they're a big no-no for businesswear I'll just limit them to the days when I don't have to impress anyone or when I'm wearing footwear that hide them.
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I wear them every day for business and never thought of them as inappropriate,I just don't understand what the big deal is.
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Srsly, silk socks are fine for business wear if that's your thing.

May I ask how they are in terms of temperature control?

I have some seriously sheer cotton/silk blend socks that I wear in the middle eastern summer - love them.
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I must be one of the lucky ones never really sweat much,although white collar jobs in temp controlled buildings are not a true test of temps outside,would not wear sheer silk otc's for construction jobs !
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As someone who loves and wears sheer socks (I hate anything thicker) I will say that 100% silk is not as durable compared to anything blended with polyester. Silk will tolerate more stretching then merino but is less abrasion resistant such as when you walk alot. Polyester is not very pleasant in itself but it is just so much more resistant to abrasion and stretching (and more so when humid) than silk or wool that there simply is no contest. Even a 5 or 10% poly content (which forms the core of the threads) add significant strength and durability and basically your feet don,t actually come into contact with the poly.

BTW bullet proof (resisitant) vests are made using a synthetic fiber called Aramid which is much less pleasant than poly but much stronger
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