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Linen from S/S 2013
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Originally Posted by NickInTO View Post

I've only had a chance to listen to it once all the way through, but it's pretty great. It's not as immediately accessible as a Frightened Rabbit album, but Hate Music has quickly become one of my favourite songs he's ever done.

Originally Posted by TM79 View Post

I'm enjoying the Owl John album, too.

It's interesting to see his miserablism in his own music to recognize what the rest of the band contribute to FR.
Originally Posted by FrankCowperwood View Post

Linen from S/S 2013

Nothing miserable about that, awesome combo!
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Guys, we're listening to customers and we want to be able to make sure our best customers (you guys here at SF) get a bit of a head start in terms of accessing our new ties. Because our production is so time consuming, and small, ties often sell out instantly, and in the case of some of our first round of fall pre-orders, before they even drop. To give you guys a special heads up, I'm going to post the ties that we will be putting up for pre-orders (a few each week) before they go live and we promote them on our social media. I'm also going to extend to SF, a 5% discount, if you pre-order the tie through here via pm and paypal invoice BEFORE they hit the site. All you need to do is let me know which tie, or ties you'd like, and I'll create an invoice for you through paypal taking 5% off the regular retail price.

Here's the first three you guys can get a crack at:

1. This may be one of the most unique pieces we've ever done. this Italian wool/silk tie has been woven in a way that it can be two different colors in two different lights. In low light, it appears to be a greyish navy blue, but in bright light it sheens a brilliant deep sea green. This is due to the two different fibers woven in a way that they "hatch" each other. The navy being the weft part and the green being the warp (and more subtle material). This tie is $139.99 before the 5% pre-order SF discount.

2. Next up is a wonderful late summer early autumn light navy blue English wool and linen tie that can easily work with ANY combination, conservative or loud. it's substantial enough to wear when its colder, but breathable enough to wear during an Indian Summer. Can anyone have enough navy ties? I don't think so. This one dials in at $139.99 before the discount.

3. Moving into patterns, this next piece is a beautiful burgundy English silk twill with red and blue florets. Conservative enough for a board room with a navy or grey suit, but also playful enough to pair with some flashy Neapolitan tailoring, this tie marries the playful and serious as well as it does the seasons. This also, is $139.99 before the 5%.

Know that whatever tie you order, none are factory produced and all are my entirely by hand, one at a time. This soft construction is what makes our ties completely unlike any tie you've ever worn before...those who have them, know what I mean. Feel free to reach out with any questions about these three, as they'll be up later this week.
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very nice rob!
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These three are going up tomorrow guys, last chance to get in first and get an extra 5% off. Shoot me a pm if interested.
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Next two styleforum exclusive pre-orders are these two beauties.

Made entirely of cashmere, these six fold stripes are two of the softest and most luxurious cashmeres we've ever produced. You wouldn't come to expect anything less from 100 % pure, Italian cashmere. In both a blue and gray and brown and grey stripes, these ties are the perfect compliment to just about any solid or subtly patterned suit or sport coat as the weather begins to cool.

Best part? You get them first and for 5% off the retail price of $159.99.

PM me to get the special SF price through paypal invoice. These will be pumped through social media this week, and live on the website Friday morning. You guys have until then to get your orders in through me for the discount.
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Burgundy Silk Florets

Cashmere Pre-order will be going up tonight...
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OK, Brown Cashmere Stripe is now SOLD OUT, and we only have one unit of the blue left....catch it online here:
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Another pre-order look, this is a beautiful English Linen/Wool in solid navy....because you can't EVER have enough solid navy.

Find this piece here:
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Vintage Grey Italian Silk

Being worn here in our slimmer, 3" wide pattern. If you pre-order any of our ties, we're certainly able to accommodate this pattern easily, with the same turn around time. Just make sure you reach out to me after ordering and we'll make it happen!
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Loro Piana Indigo Wool Linen Silk (Sold out in 3 days)

We have a few diff LP fabrics coming soon.
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Brown and Blue Cashmere Silk Stripe today:

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Originally Posted by NewYorkIslander View Post

Brown and Blue Cashmere Silk Stripe today: Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)


Ohh... so sharp. Did check/stripes today myself.

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YHNT for me today as well. Blurry iPhoto....
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