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If you're bummed about missing the Rutledge Red, we have the Ruby Red Linen which is the same shade in a textured Italian linen. "worldcup20" for 20% off as well.

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FLASH SALE notification. We're going to promote a "Last Day of School" (for those of you who don't know, my wife and I are both NYC school teachers) Sale tomorrow only. 30% off with "LASTDAY" at guys get a few hours head start...I'm gonna blast social media with it at 6AM tomorrow. Sale will last until 11:59 PM EST tomorrow! Happy shopping!
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"worldcup20" on all spring/summer ties still on at

I'll be doing a bit of a fall preview here of some of the GREAT stuff we have in the works, including a TON of super soft, lightweight cashmere, a couple new gorgeous Loro Piana wool silk pieces and some beautiful raw silks.

I'll start you guys off with this wonderful piece of cashmere and silk from Zegna that we hope to get 3 ties out of...

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any more vicuna coming? smile.gif
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I keep asking, they know I'm looking! Maybe this winter if fall goes well!
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OK fellas, all remaining spring/summer ties are at clearance prices, this is as low as they'll go. I'll also add a special Styleforum discount code for you guys for the next week....we're trying to clear everything out so we can do a rebuild with only our fall stock by the end of the month.

Enter "styleforum10" for an extra 10% off these clearance prices and hope you all have a great 4th!
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Preview of some of our early fall merch:
Vintage Grey Italian Raw Silk (1960's rescue) $129.99

Cashmere Silk Stripe $149.99 (very limited on this, maybe 2 or 3 units will be made)

Mini Paisley Herringbone Silk $139.99

Navy Herringbone Silk $139.99

Loro Piana Grey Denim Wool/Linen/Silk $149.99

Silk Indigo $139.99

Loro Piana Indigo Wool/Linen/Silk $149.99

Super 120 Camo (I couldn't resist) $139.99

Cashmere Stripe $149.99 (another very limited run of these, maybe a couple will be made)

terroni Raw Silk Herringbone $139.99

These will be up hopefully by tomorrow and available for pre-order to be delivered in 3-4 weeks. We've stocked our most conservative estimate on how many ties we can get out of the pieces we found, so there's a chance more can be available, but if you want to guarantee, hope in on the pre-order.

Would love to hear your thoughts!
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Rob, that's a really really nice collection. So much nice in blue and brown. I don't even know where to start... smile.gif I'm experiencing immediate lust for 90% of them and I'd wear any of them. Just need to start wearing a tie around the house I guess.

The wife will love that. rolleyes.gif

Gonna have to try to pick one.
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Hi Rob,


The first-half of the Fall collection is exquisite. Just when I think you have outdone yourself on the latest collection, you impress me even more with the subsequent ones. The navy's and brown's are very rich, especially the cashmere stripes. A beautiful colour palette indeed. I cannot wait to see them in-hand and show them off. But I'll have to wait until at least end of August to show these off - I'm still working on going through my Spring/Summer collection from you.


Kind regards,


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Congrats Rob. Beautiful items! smile.gif
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Very nice Rob. Is the indigo Wool/Linen/Silk the same fabric (different colorway) as the LP Wool/Linen/Silk from earlier this summer?

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Vintage grey silk and silk indigo look really really nice. See some grey and blue in my future.

Both those cashmere stripes are really nice too...
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The cashmeres are down to their last guaranteed unit...they may not be as versatile as the Grey silk and indigo, but they're all beautiful. I don't even think I'm going to get to keep a cashmere for myself....that's how limited they are. frown.gif
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X-post from Epaulet thread:




Yellow Hook Neckties Original Blue Loro Piana Wool/Linen/Silk

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