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Very nice picks....I'm loving what we did as well. We have a handful more coming up as well that I'm also stoked about. Off the top of my head we have a few red silks, more linens and a fantastic washed navy seersucker.
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Also, we've marked down the last of our winter cashmeres to under $90. I think there's only one left, so if you're still looking for something to keep your neck warm (and the 10 day forecast here in NYC suggests you'll need it) this is a great option, even if you're on a budget.

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And some of the newer stuff:
(Yet to be released)
Gunner Dot Silk

Bred Paisley Silk

Washed Navy Seersucker

Newly released and selling fast:



And another happy customer:
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You should get a picture of that happy customer riding his electric skateboard.
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Just got my first Yellow Hook. Picked up the linen cyclone large check. Spring is coming.
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Just got all 4 ties in the mail today - as you can guess they feel light and amazing. I'll post a pic a little later but it'll be via an iPhone5 so I apologize in advance for not doing them enough justice.
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Nice! That's a great package to get in the mail. Can't wait to see 'em.
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My package got here today but the mailman didn't leave it because of the signature confirmation, need to pick it up at the post office tomorrow. Nothing worse than knowing YHNT made it to Florida from Brooklyn, but it's still sitting in a box across town!
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Yeah, sorry for the bad pic quality ... I need to get a proper camera one of these days.

the green on the green herringbone doesn't come through well via the iPhone. The others are pretty true to color and the quality is, of course, excellent.

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Which is the second from the bottom?
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That is the much sought after wool-linen Loro Piana 6 fold
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Tasty. Every one of them.
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Agreed, that's an outstanding haul TM
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I'm tempted to start wearing them now but I'll resist - it's still freezing temp and below here in Boston and we're supposed to be in for another snowstorm come Monday. I figure I have the next 5-6 months to wear these so it'll pay to be patient.

Thanks very much for the compliments, guys. It's hard to pick a bad Yellowhook tie, though!
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Yellow Hooooook...

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