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that looks great, DL.
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Thanks bud. Hope you are enjoying the holiday, and hinting to your boss for a day off in December.
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Thanks, things are swell!

I will drop the maybe not so subtle hint, when I get back next week. smile.gif
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Looking good D!


Remember, 20% off with Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
lasts until Monday at 11:59PM!
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Hey guys, just one more day of 20% off savings on our web site. Still lots of really nice cashmeres left..."shopsmallyh13"
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We goofed with our coupon code, and it actually expired last night. We just re-upped it to last throughout the day tomorrow as well, 20% off all regular priced ties with "shopsmallyh13" expires tomorrow night!
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Another Pumpkin Pie fit.  First cashmere on the way :slayer:


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Looks GREAT Don! The Cashmere is significantly softer, you'll love it!
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Our web suys have been hard at work updating our (admittedly pretty poor) web site. Just wanted you guys to get the first look at the newly designed site that will launch sometime next week. We'll have some new product, maybe some restocks and offer a special discount code for the first couple of days after we launch. Would love to hear your thoughts:

If you want to buy a tie, you'll have to use the old site for now, until we get this up and live.
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New site looks really good. One thing I see right away is that when viewing the collection on my phone, the boxes that tell you how many are left of a tie almost totally obscure the images in which the ties are rolled. Hopefully that description makes sense.

Can't wait to see the new and restocked ties!
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like it. great site. love that drapers cashmere houndstooth.
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LOVE the site, R. keep on rockin.
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Site looks great Rob:fistbump:

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Best thing about the new site for me is that it's optimized for mobile. I'm almost always checking the Internet on my phone and I don't use my laptop as much anymore, so if the site looks good on my phone then I'm happy. I get annoyed at sites that aren't optimized correctly for mobile, where I'm constantly pinching and zooming.
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Guys thanks for the feedback. I'll mention that fact to our web guys FC...

We still have a couple of things to tweak in terms of copy, but this looks like its how we'll be moving forward.
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