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That's a very good looking tie. Nice knot and a good ensemble over all. I think the photo is fine too. It's kinda tricky taking photos of your neck.
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Agreed - your photo looks just as good if not better than the one I posted a few days ago. Tie looks killer as well
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steve, that is perfection.
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AWESOME! Yea, I don't play, I wish there was more of that know I'll be on the lookout though fellas!
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Thanks for the compliments guys. Yes the tie is very impressive. I look forward to adding more YHs to my rotation.
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We're en route to pick up some great stuff for the show in a couple of weeks! Hope you guys like 100% English, Italian and Scottish some other really neat surprises!

Maybe some teaser shots later...
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YES icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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Some teaser shots:

More casual 3" Selvedge Denim, 3" Railroad Stripe Denim, 3" Corduroy Plaid

3.25-3.5" Holiday Plaids made from some Vintage Scottish Tartans we found buried in an old fabric store on the LES of Manhattan

And now the cashmere and tweeds:

From left to right:
100% Cashmere Blue and White Houndstooth
Woodhouse Denim Tweed #2
100% Draper's Cashmere Dark Houndstooth
100% Cashmere Mud Pie Houndstooth
JG Hardy Tweed
100% Grey Blue Windowpane Cashmere Houndstooth
100% Cashmere Terrone Tattersall
100% Cashmere Bad, Bad Leroy Brown Plaid
100% Cashmere Houndstooth Overcheck
Scabal Purple Donegal Tweed
Vintage Red and Brown English Tweed
100% Cashmere Zegna Herringbone
100% Cashmere Brown Plaid
100% Cashmere Sherwood Forest

These will not be available until 11/16 and 17th at the SF Trunk Show...whatever's left will hit our site later that week.
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Oh my goodness. I'm going to have to take some time and really look at these.
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Originally Posted by FrankCowperwood View Post

Oh my goodness. I'm going to have to take some time and really look at these.

We'll have a couple of surprises as well...
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Well, everyone should come away from the trunk show with at least one of these, but maybe there still be something left for the e-buyers. :-)

I'm looking forward to putting on my wooly mammoth now that the weather is cooler and getting the Hudson blue corduroy on, which has been waiting for its first wear too.
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Drool worthy pictures.
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Rob, please tell me there's enough purple donegal for an mto.
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Hoping to have a few more of these by next weekend...I love these ties, and they were fashioned in the mold an old Jcrew tie I had in college, so not as thick as our standard offerings, perfect for casual wear:

Selvedge Raw Denim Tie:

I know this generally doesn't speak to most of our customers, but its a project close to my own heart...I love workwear, I love the qualities of denim, and I love the "fashion" element of the white selvedge. This is made from medium weight (~10 oz) Japanese denim, is unlined, three fold and 3" at its widest point. Would make a bad ass accessory to a standard slim khaki and blue OCBD giving you the chance to sport selvedge without getting your jeans out.

Second is a Railroad Stripe Selvedge tie...this one we didn't use the actual self edge, as I feel it would contradict the RR stripe a bit, and our sample here was made inside out...our production models will be made with the dark side out. Its also raw denim, but this one is a touch lighter than the 10oz and is also unlined and three fold, 3" at its widest point.

Here it is as a denim three piece, jean shirt by Epaulet, Jeans by Somet (from BlueinGreene)

So often going to street wear means you have to sacrifice the "hand made" element to your garment, I wanted to bring something that was still entirely handcrafted to the market with a bit of an edge. I think the denim tie will look great after a few years and wear, fade and soften up like your favorite pair of jeans. We did a one wash denim tie before and it even passed a wash test...and was back in shape after a quick hot iron you know its tough as nails and still an old school handcrafted item.
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I like this concept a lot. Particularly the railroad stripe.
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