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Sounds awesome!! Are the width of the ties going to be changed moving forward to a new standard of 3.5 in or sticking to 3.25?

Most of them are, yes. We also have some at 3.25 and a few denim pieces at 3".

Here's some more teasers:

Hand Printed Italian Silks, super duper light weight and perfect for summer:

We'll have a full preview up after today when we do our real photography. These are just shots from doing inventory.


Wow, absolutely gorgeous paisley silks. I think you have outdone yourself Rob on this Spring/Summer collection - and this is only part of it. I think I'll have to grab one of each. Nice addition of the keeper loop.

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For what it's worth, I definitely like the attempts at naming individual ties/bunches.


And I think the black cherry, whiskey soaked though it may be, is actually a pretty decent name!

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We worked all day yesterday shooting the Spring/Summer. It really was one of those "never forget" experiences. My entire apartment (all 650 square feet of it) is in shambles as our bedroom is being completely redone and everything inside it, was all over the rest of the house. We were up on the roof as well, shooting lightweight summer ties in bright colors in a blistering and freezing wind all the while surrounded by iconic views of NY Harbor and The Narrows. I can't wait until editing is done on these, but you guys will see just how much our new photography will make our website really sing! Some working shots:

This is me and our photographer Dzemo, now, and 12 years ago when he graduated the 8th grade from my class.

Some working shots: Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
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A YHN classic - donegal.







Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
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Here's a question for you, Rob: have you ever thought of doing away with the back loop/tie keeper (I think that's the name)? In only speaking for myself, I don't think I've used one of those to actually tuck my back blade in years...


Can't imagine it would save any significant amount in the long run, but a thought that struck I was ogling that glorious green piece.

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When we had just one employee making the ties we never had them, because she didn't like to make them. Now, it depends on who is making what tie, and some of the folks we have working for us like them, some don't. So...@ericgereghty it all depends on whose hands the specific tie passess through.
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I know Casual Friday is foul language for some of you guys, but in honor of it, I'd like to talk a little bit about our new denim workshirt. We've been working hard with shirt makers all across the country to find the best for Yellow Hook. And of course, we found an incredibly talented one right in our own back yard! They'll be making Neapolitan Style Spread Collar Shirts for us, a classic throwback American Button Down and a couple of tough as nails denim workshirts. You've already seen the prototypes I've been wearing around lately, but the fabric on these just wasn't right for a tough and rugged workshirt. In fact, perhaps down the road next fall these facrics will debut as another, more luxurious work shirt model, but for now, they're on hold.

Anyway, the team of craftspeople we're using does everything start to finish by hand in their workshop, with no computer assisted machinery. All they have are a sturdy pair of scissors and a handful of vintage Singer hand operated sewing machines. These guys have made shirts for some of coutures biggest names, and still do, with one of these guys retailing their shirts for $500 a pop. Well, we're aiming to get these shirts in, same quality craftmanship as those haute couture $500 shirts, in well below that number, but with the same exact attention to detail and quality.

Since it is Friday, let's look at the tweaked design behind the denim workshirt. This is going to be a real streetwear/workwear piece and will make a great shirt or overshirt. The design will feature a larger than usual back yoke, a two piece vintage inspired sleeve (think 1890's workwear) with MOP buttons on a placket front. We'll offer two distinct pocket styles. On one, we're working to perfect a pocket for a Samsung Galaxy or iphone6 or 6+ with another, regular sized chest pocket. The other shirt will feature two identical rounded chest pockets with flaps and buttons for another cool vintage inspired touch. They will also feature a higher cut side gusset and drop tail and front. I am for these bad boys to be perfected and ready for a VERY SMALL, VERY LIMITED first run of about 10 shirts each. I've managed to find just enough fabric for these first runs, and boy they are freaking fabtastically unique...I think you'll love them. So far here's what we're looking at:

The two pocket Hudson:

The two PLUS pocket Breuckelen:

As far as fit, these shirts were meant to be crafted in an athletic cut. There will be a drop from chest to waist, but nothing drastic, and armholes will be fairly high with a generous, but not baggy sleeve.
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I don't have the occasion wear ties more than a handful of times a year, but have been eagerly following your shirt developments! Would jump on a nice denim work shirt, I have been looking for just the right one and I suspect this might be it. Will be waiting (im)patiently for them to drop, and hope I can score one!
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Originally Posted by duff406 View Post

I don't have the occasion wear ties more than a handful of times a year, but have been eagerly following your shirt developments! Would jump on a nice denim work shirt, I have been looking for just the right one and I suspect this might be it. Will be waiting (im)patiently for them to drop, and hope I can score one!

I think you'll really dig this!
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Photos are back, our Spring Summer ties will be dropping shortly! But a little teaser:

YellowHook-1423_zpsflx3ofvp.jpgWarning: Individual Shots! (Click to show)
Warning: Groups! (Click to show)
Rose Red
Zegna 100% Cashmere
/italian Magic Crepe
WBill Wool/Cashmere/Silk
Cotton Denim 3"
The Blues
Super Lightweight Handprinted Italian Silks
Heavier Italian Silks
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Wow. Just wow.
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Can't wait for the shirts
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Yowzers, that's a vicious lineup!
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Stunning. Exquisite. Jaw dropping. Speechless.

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Fuck Rob, spring collection is the tits.  Definitely picking up a few when they drop.

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