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Styleforum - What should a young man buy that will last him a lifetime?

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We all love how great things age, and I am simply wondering what you would recommend a young man to buy that will last him a lifetime? 

What do you own now that you wish you had bought when you were young? What things do you see as sensible buy it for life investments? 


Be it a wallet, a pair of shoes or anything you can think of really. 



edit: To clear some things out. I'm a 22 year old university student that, while not broke nor rich, prefers to buy fewer, better things that will last a long time. 

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"Styleforum - What should a young man that will last him a lifetime?"





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Originally Posted by VinnyMac View Post

"Styleforum - What should a young man that will last him a lifetime?"



He clearly left out the word "buy" out of the title and you know that from reading his post.
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a good belt

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A belt is a good idea. Leather products in general last a long time and get better with age. I have belts that I've had for 28 years. I have camp mocs that are 24 yrs old and a bag that's 33 yrs old. Classic sweaters are another idea. I have sweaters that are decades old too.
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I agree with the wallet. I find its the one thing I never leave home without and a solid leather wallet can last a significant amount of time. If I were to lose anything during my travels, as long as I have my wallet I'm good to go.

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These are exactly the things I want to hear. Please, if you can it would be great if you could supply some details for manufacturers/brands you recommend. 

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good quality shoes seem to last a long time.

look for stiched soles

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How young?

I would say an automatic watch - people's style may change or they may work in different environment; however, something simple like a DateJust will never be out of place excluding formal environments. If at any time during your life, you no longer want the item, it can be sold on or a great thing to pass onto a son (without worrying about fit).
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+1 on a classic automatic watch. 

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Lifetime is a relative word. How much longer do you intend to live?
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One thing I wish I'd discovered sooner was just the idea of buying things that were meant to last a lifetime, or at least a significant chunk of it. I have few items of clothing that are more than 10 years old, but the ones that are are amongst my favorite things.


Classic sweaters, boots, shoes, hats, timeless fashions. Buy stuff that will last and wear it well. Keep yourself in shape so you don't have to keep buying new stuff!

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It's pretty obvious, but heavyweight items last longer than something more delicate. It also depends how often you wear something.

My suggestions:

- A bridle leather briefcase (such as Swaine, Adeney & Brigg). This will take a decade to look great but should keep improving beyond that.
- A shawl-collar cardigan from either pure wool or cashmere. Looks great whatever your age (see Steve McQueen) and is very practical, but being heavyweight if stored correctly off-season it should last a long time.
- A tuxedo / dinner suit. You won't wear it much, but that's why it'll last a long time. You'll feel great, and look great, every time you wear it. If you go bespoke there should be enough seam allowance to cope with reasonable weight increase.
- A good quality umbrella, so long as you're not prone to losing them. They really are much better than cheap models, and do last a very long time. If you have a good quality one the manufacturer should still be around in ~30-40 years when it needs recovering anyway.
- Potentially (temperature dependent) a very heavyweight bespoke overcoat. This will last >50 years if cared for, and will continue to look great if you chose a timeless style.

I've not included shoes because I tend to find that even relatively well looked-after mine don't last longer than a decade (2-3 resolings). I agree on the suggestion above of a watch (mine dates from 1966) but I suspect they're increasingly idiosyncratic as the younger generation make do without one.
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Adding to Fueco's excellent suggestions; a classic length (to or just below the knee) Trench coat (I prefer mine with epaulets) will last you at least 20 years and will develop character with age. Half a dozen wool scarves, with care, will easily last you as long as the trench coat. A well made soft shell briefcase (example- Saddleback Leather Co.) will also be a lifelong friend, and again with care, can even be handed down after your demise. A good watch, cufflinks and other accessories will probably be with you until you tire of them.
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@ 22,


1) watch.  rolex, panerai, etc. 

2) pen.  parker, mont blanc, etc.

3) straight razor. 

4) a good pair of suede chukka that should last into your 30s.


skip the very particular items such as brief case or size dependent items such as suits/tux.

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