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Clothing for Med School

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Hello all,

I've been fortunate enough to be accepted to medical school (class of 2017). It is expected that I dress professionally when in clinic with patients/simulations, so I'm trying to build my wardrobe before school starts. I want to appropriately dressed, but not give my preceptors/attendings a bad impression. I'm particularly interested in shirts, ties, and trousers. What colors/patterns "staples" should I have? (anything specific to medicine?)

Current wardrobe items:
White ESF Non-Iron BB Shirt
Navy BB Fitz Suit (sorta wish I got a double vent suit after getting so many wrinkles from sitting down during interview days)

I would appreciate it if someone could give some recommendations before Christmas so I could take advantage of sales, particularly BB's 40% off shirts sale.

Thank you!
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Originally Posted by AlphaAndTheOmega View Post
anything specific to medicine? 


I have noticed that most of the doctors I see dress exceedingly poorly if that's what you mean. Professional dress is one thing but doctors seem to rival university professors for eye achingly worst dressed professionals. Anyway here is what I would do: you can't go wrong with white, off white, and light blue shirts (Personally I favor blue. The common knowledge that you can match black or white with anything are off the mark in my opinion). If not wearing a suit then gray, brown, or khaki trousers are always good. You might want to invest in a navy blazer and maybe a conservatively patterned sport coat to throw on when you doff your ubiquitous white lab coat. As for ties, stripes or small dots are classic. Silk will be everywhere, but you can experiment with wool ties and not be inappropriately dressed around your peers. Having had some contact in the work place with medical professionals I will say that you should be fine as long as you don't wear anything too experimental. And don't forget your comfortable shoes! Congratulations and good luck.

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Also, here is a good place to get quality ties that wont break a student's bank account.

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might want to check the rules for clinical situations first


Assuming you are in the USA things might be a bit different but....


I study medicine in Australia and from my experience of UK and other countries medical regulations, a few things make it somewhat difficult to dress nicely:


Ties are strongly discouraged, this is a recent thing but they are terrible for infection control. A tie bar is a must yet at least in Aus/UK they are not worn as they are simply too unhygenic considering they are rarely cleaned.


Also, no clothing below the elbows, again for hygiene considerations. This maybe different in countries where white coats are expected.


FWIW, in hospital I will usually wear cotton dress pants (I occasionally wear wool but this is discouraged as really they should be washed daily), a plain blue/white shirt with sleeves rolled neatly (easier to remove stains than patterned shirts...kinda) and some decent rubber soled brown/black shoes. Good shoes are important as one rarely is able to sit, rubber soles are a good idea due to liquid hazards etc.


Unfortunately, it is tricky to dress nicely which is a little annoying. As long as you have well fitting clothes in good condition, you should be fine.

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Just one thing to add:


As a clerk you will inevitably be asked to "press here until it stops bleeding" and "go probe that wound" on multiple occasions. With a white coat, shirts are mostly safe, but pants and shoes will inevitably be hit. You're right in that BB, Jcrew, and AE would be smart places to shop as you're not breaking bank and can still look sharp.


Also, you'll see a lot of terribly stiff, flaring open point collars on many others. Get some nice button-downs in the staple light blue, white with blue pinstripes, etc to look good without a tie if you are told not to wear one. 


Last thing, consider radiology! Best gig in medicine in my biased opinion. Office setting, can dress up (or down) as you like, minimal patient contact (bonus for me…maybe not for you). Good luck!

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