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omg, an XL classic fit w+h style hoodie would hit the spot. pm me if anyone can help
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Looking for Small Shawl Neck or Small Zip Up Sweater (no hood). Prefer grey, but flexible on colors, pm me if willing to deal.
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Are these gonna be CYC blanks? Or will there be any w+h or at least things that look exactly like w+h/spruce/w&h stuff but with not label tag. Is there a list of people who are going because i'd paypal in advance if they could pick me up a medium slim fit grey and/or black pinstripe hoodie.
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does someone know of a website, etc that has a compilation of pictures, descriptions, etc of w+h/spruce/wings and horns items?
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Interested in:

Heather Grey Hoodie (If it's W+H - Small slim fit, If it's Spruce - Small reg or Medium slim)

Grey Pinstripe, Black/Grey Pinstripe, or Navy Blue Hoodie (W+H small slim fit)

Green (any kind - tiger/kelly/whatever) Hoodie in XS (slim or regular)

Also, interested in any m-65 like jackets, or field jackets. I realize it's probably a shot in the dark for any of these, but I'll throw a bone if anybody is willing to pick up/send some of this stuff. Thanks .
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I'm interested in any of the W+H/Spruce hoodies in a classic size medium except for dark blue. I am also interested in pea coats in classic size medium. I am especially interested in the tiger fleece material and the pinstriped patternfor the hoodies. I will be willing to pay handsomely, and of course cover shipping and related costs. If anyone could go and keep an eye out for me, please send a PM.
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Okay, just heard: There will be no W+H / Spruce / Wings & Horns at this sample sale. It will be a different set of inventory and we'll be selling other product. I can not list prices, but the list of item categories available is as follows: Jackets & Sweaters Zip Hoodies PantsPull-over Hoodies Mock-Neck Full Zip Crew Neck Sweat Shirt Shorts/ Vests Dress Shirts Long Sleeve Tees Polos & Short Sleeve Tees
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So is it going to be cyc blanks but with the w+h/spruce style? Or are these going to be a different fit and style completely.
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Different fits, different styles. Not W+H/Spruce. Just because it's CYC doesn't mean that it's W+H/Spruce, since we make other garments as well.
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Went to the sale today. Not much to see. There were tons of basic tees and sweatshirts, mostly for odd lables (substance, art research organization (?), dayton). Some crewneck sweats that were obviously Supreme because half of the red tag was cut off. Only a few items were Wings and Horns samples, but without labels. I might go back for those...
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yea, definately nothing worth getting super excited about. i found one kind of neat blazer made of some stiff tent like material but that's about it. it seemed all the other stuff was sized L or XL
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o that was you on friday? you did look familiar
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Unreal quality love this stuff.
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About how often these sales go down?
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