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Knee bulge?

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been wearing my pbj xx005's for a couple weeks now and im noticing a bulging effect at the knees, which i don't really this normal? and if so, does it go away?

to be more specific...its kinda like bunchin up at the knee..which is fine but theres too much bulge in the viewing from the looks a lil awkward
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ya it happens. goes away after a long long long long long long long time
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In short, it's unavoidable and yes it will go away. It's happens due to the stiffness of the cloth, and the only thing you can do about it is wear them for a long time. You might be able to remove some stiffness by spraying the knees with water every couple days until the fabric loosens up enough to stop bulging, but I prefer to retain the stiffness and just beat it in naturally, because the fat cow fading will be more pronounced. I'd wager it shouldn't take more than two months before you start to notice the knee bulge disappearing.
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Embrace your knee boners. They're fun and usually pain-free.
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The bigger the knee bulge, the better the holy cows
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i hate the knee bulge. A LOT.
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Throw them in the dryer on no or low heat along with a fabric softener sheet. Your jeans will come out much softer, and the knee buldges will be gone.
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It's so cute how you guys have little names for the different parts of the fading.

I recently was admonished for my knee boob sag and fixed it for a while by turning them inside out, spraying down the knee parts and ironing them flat (over a sleeveboard, gotta keep those back of the knee creases :analretentive: ) and they look fine again. I'm sure they will be back though because the shin fabric is still so stiff that it holds up the underside of the sag. (These are my almost 3-year old Uniqlo Ring Denims BTW).
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I postd about this as well several months back here.

I ended up getting a steamer (everyone should own one of these anyway) and it does help temporarily a bit, but I also noticed knee boners on other people wearing regular washed denim and then decided I am just overly conscious about it. Now I just let it go unless the kness get too bulged, in which case I steam again.
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yea, it happens to my pairs... But I really enjoy it.
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