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Has anyone here ordered from to the US? It looks like they use Fedex so I guess there would be customs fees?
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I had a package come in by EMS last week. It was in ISC New York for 4 days before being cleared.
ISC San Francisco has been much faster. Generally clears within 24 hrs.
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Originally Posted by CasvalRD View Post

Ordered a $250 USD Inverallan sweater from End, shipped via FedEx from UK to Ontario, Canada. Arrived with a $104 duties bill. :facepalm: Oh well. Not like I could have gotten it anywhere else.

Holy shit... I have a shirt from End arriving on Friday and I live in Calgary. Most I've ever paid for duties and taxes with FedEx was around $30 before. Goddammit. 

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Does anyone have any experience ordering from Le Rayon Frais to the US? If so did you get hit with customs fees? Thanks.
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Just got hit with a Fedex bill of $46.90 for my End order. FML.


Breakdown of cost: 


Duties: $28.00

GST/HST: $8.40

ROD Fee: $10.00

GST/HST: $0.50

Paying basically the exact same before discount: Priceless


Well, I guess I'm sticking to TBS for my euro stuff now. 

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So Inverallan sent their delivery via express (unexpected) and I'm probably not going to be home when UPS delivers and asks for moneys. I'm guessing they won't bother re-delivering and I'll have to go pick it up?
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You can phone UPS and take care of any charges over the phone.

Also, if you have the delivery notification card that they leave on your door, you can agree to some disclaimer on the back and leave your signature.

Give UPS a call to arrange for another delivery, then leave the signed delivery notification on your door. They'll leave your parcel at your door and take the delivery notification with your signature on it as proof of having signed for the package.


I don't know if UPS operates differently in the US, but they usually attempt at least 2 deliveries in Canada.

If I know I'm not going to be home, I usually phone them and ask them to hold it at their depot so I can pick it up myself.

Alternatively, they might be willing to deliver to your work address too if you give them a call and have that delivery notification card in hand.

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They called earlier regarding customs clearance and I didn't think to ask if I could pay for any fees at the same time - I'll look into that now. IIRC some carriers don't make multiple attempts when there are special handling instructions.
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Ordered from Trunk Clothiers, got hit with a $87 customs fee off a GPB 183 order 

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Anyone ordered from Stoy munkholmom? Good, bad experience?

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Anyone order form Frans Boone in Germany or Centre Commercial in France before? Duties?

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They are located in Holland.
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Will coggles deduct VAT?
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Thinking of ordering something for about $650 from someone in Japan. It is used and he will mark it as gift - used clothing and ship it using EMS. But if I do get hit with customs charges, around how much would I be looking at?
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Anyone been stung by custom/duties from LN-CC orders before ? They shipped via DHL and from reading previous posts regarding LN-CC shipped with DHL, most people seem to be fine

What happened was, I paid the price after sale discount £103.00 shipped, but they invoiced the package value at £196.00

Ready to send them a rage email if i get taxed
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