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Poll Results: Do you think a man could wear those women's boots?

  • 11% (3)
    Yes, you can wear them, no one will notice they are women's boots
  • 18% (5)
    Yes, but a few people might notice they are women's boots
  • 7% (2)
    Maybe, maybe not, it depends on who sees them
  • 7% (2)
    No, you might fool a few people, but not everyone
  • 55% (15)
    No, they are clearly women's boots, you can't get away with it
27 Total Votes  
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You could totally wear those boots!  Those seem to be more unisex, so if you like them, go for it!

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Originally Posted by sockless74 View Post

I know this is a weird question, but I am interested in these boots: I am a man and I like wearing boots, but all men's boots look the same to me and are all ankle boots. I find them very boring (no offense to anyone who likes them). I also want something higher, but I also don't like cowboy boots. So I began looking at buying women's boots that could pass for men's boots. I am not a cross-dresser or gay or metorsexual or anything like that. I am just a normal straight guy, 35 and married. I selected the boots at the above link because they can be worn with a my pant legs covering the shaft and only the foot part showing. All of the straps and buckles will be hidden and what will be visible looks like it could be a men's shoe or boot. In fact, I may see about removing the straps and buckles all together if I do purchase these boots. So what do you think? Could I get away with wearing these boots? Or is it obvious that they are meant for women?


As long as the heel doesn't get too high (>2 inches) and narrow, more the narrow heel more feminine. Less frilly is better you can get away with them.

I have a couple of  pairs of Frye, 15R harness ( and  Phillip Harness tall boots (  that are pretty amazing.  I think that if you stick more with real leather they will be more gender neutral looking.   I was not really looking for women's boots, but more tall boots. 


Frye size 11 women is about 9.5-10 guys. 


For the boots you were looking at slap an old school leather biker jacket on  and you maybe could do it.  I think that your right about the straps though.  The other thing that gives a way is that most women's boots seem to be really baggy/floppy in the shaft. 


I just saw another site in Holland  that had me drooling for some of the tall boots. I just have to see if they take visa. 


My boot's adventure started after I got my motorcycle license and discovered there is a good reason for having tall boots, but as you say they don't make many interesting tall boots for guys.


Wesco boots does make tall boots for guys and chippewa

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