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^BIG +1


(especially the part about pills)

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Yeah, psychiatrists are a bit too trigger happy with 'scripts, and yes, many people rely on meds as a frontline defense, neglecting the changes they need to make.

The OP does seem to be at the point where meds would be a great help in getting his life and lifestyle to a point where the meds are no longer needed.

To attack severe depression with anything less than everything is foolish (within reason...not advocating EST or anything...but SSRI's are very much within reason).
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Originally Posted by hoozah View Post

you sound lazy


And as someone said, get a job..any job. Paying your debt while living at home will take forever with the kind of work you are getting. That will give you the excuse to just stay home!
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join the army, they will make a man out of you
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I suggest a change of image and attitude.


Become a skinhead, get all the gear - boots,braces and combats will do - walk the streets and see what happens. You may meet a whole lot of different people and see where that takes you.


Good luck.


Rick - freshcut skinhead in the UK.

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Originally Posted by Royal42 View Post

Definitely a degree of depression. Start speaking to a professional--even if it's just to vent--and they'll recommend varying types of treatment depending on the severity. Sure, as you can tell, there's a bit of a stigma surrounding depression and the potential need for medication, but if it helps in the end, you really won't care. 

Originally Posted by miker3000 View Post

I'm thinking about seeing a professional. I don't think I need medication but it can't hurt to see someone at least once to see what they say.

First thing first. See a medical professional first and go from there.
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Originally Posted by Reggs View Post

I have to agree. Masturbating every day should not be an issue. If you look at a lot of porn though, that is a problem.

Whats wrong with porn everyday? shog[1].gif
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Originally Posted by texas_jack View Post

First things first, get help. You won't be able to fix anything else until you deal with your depression, yes you're depressed. I could tell that before I read half of that.

Yeah, go get some help. Get a job, any job. Starbucks is said to be a good place to work (really, they are meant to be a good employer) and they hire all the time. If you are actually hot, chicks will flirt with you and the sex will happen.
Go see someone, a professional.

Oh, and Merry Christmas!
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Originally Posted by texas_jack View Post

First things first, get help. You won't be able to fix anything else until you deal with your depression, yes you're depressed. I could tell that before I read half of that.


You are definitely depressed, go and see a doctor. They will try to get to the root of the depression, I am just guessing here the root cause is that you try to be perfect in everything you do. Otherwise you lose interest and don't do it at all. Which leads to procrastination (mistaken by some as laziness). You may have/had ADHD also

You are taking things too seriously,,,,you want everything to be perfect. That's why you are not doing anything at all. World is not perfect, people, things, jobs, experiences are not perfect, take life easy. It's also ok not to have a purpose in life, it's ok to have a lot of fog in life... che sera sera

Your condition is easily treatable, and you will feel good and very happy and enjoying your life in future

You can also check emotional health section of webmd
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That right there answers all of your questions.
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Originally Posted by D M B View Post

I can't tell if this is really a serious thread or not, but I'll chime in.  First off, asking advice on a topic like depression from a bunch of internet forum yahoos (myself included) on a style/fashion forum is, pardon the pun ... CRAZY.  Absolutely NOT the place I would go to seek advice if I were really serious and thought I had a problem.  However, since you asked ...


Are you suffering from depression?  Yea, maybe.  What I think you are definitely suffering from is a lack of purpose, direction, and motivation.  Your situation (living at home, unemployed, single, etc) is not going to get any better unless you make a serious effort to change it.  Going out and finding some head shrinker to medicate you isn't the answer.  Were you depressed when things were going good in your life?  Did you ever wake up back when you were doing the things that you liked and think, "Man, this life of mine sucks"?  Your life sucks because you have nothing positive going on at this time. 


First and foremost: GET A JOB.  Any job.  Be a productive part of society.  Get on a schedule and stay busy.  I've had many jobs that weren't great, but it didn't mean that I couldn't look for a better one WHILE I WAS WORKING.  I love my kids, but I only want to raise them once.  I damn sure don't want them living with me at your age.  If unfortunate events caused me to have to live with my parents, I guarantee that they would not wash one dish, cut one blade of grass, or clean anything while I was living off of them.  Do you do any work around the house?


Second:  Keep to a schedule and by all means keep productive hours.  Get your ass up every morning at 5.  Go run and work out.  You don't need a gym membership to work out.  Finish your workout, eat, shower, and go look for a job.  Every day.  By 4pm, head home and clean your parents' house and cook or at least help cook dinner.  Go to bed by 10pm.  Repeat.


Lastly:  Stay motivated and determined.  Nothing good comes easy.  You have to WANT to succeed.  Success isn't going to knock on the door while you are lying around in your pajamas, with a grubby beard, eating pizza rolls and jerking off.  Make it happen dude and don't take the easy way out and get medicated.  Everyone is too quick to get on happy pills these days.  Good luck - DMB


Thank you for this. My post was indeed real and serious.


I need to go to the gym in the morning. First and foremost. I need to get a real workout in before I start my daily job search. Shuffling out of bed and leisurely reading the morning paper has become a HORRIBLE habit of mine over the past few years. 


When it comes to jobs, I need to start applying online. That's a given. Second, I need to look for headhunters and the like in my area and just get myself out there. 


As for women and friends, it will come once I start doing shit with my life. The source of friends and lovers for most people is your job and hobbies. By not working and barely going out it's normal that I have no women in my life. Which of course just adds to my sadness. 


I know what I need to do, I just need to start doing it. I appreciate all the replies here and welcome future ones. Thanks.

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Headhunters and job finders are a good tool, but get out and pound the pavement yourself.  If you do, you may stumble on a gem of a job that you never in your wildest dreams thought you would be interested in, by looking on the computer.  It may turn out that you get the job, you come to love it, and your co workers are awesome.  Also, like you stated, don't shuffle out of bed and leisurely waste away the morning.  I promise you if you stay busy from sun up until sun down, you will not only feel like you have achieved something but also will increase your chances of succeeding in your quest.  I forgot to mention in my first post; make a schedule for the day and adhere to it.  Good luck man, I think you will do fine.  You already recognize your problem and are seeking ways to correct it.  That right there is half the battle.  Drive on. - DMB.

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