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Lapel width vs tie width

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I have a general question and a specific question.

Generally, I'm a bit frustrated with the current fit of suits - shorter jacket, skinny everything. I'm 40 and in excellent shape, but I sometimes get confused about how to look good without being trendy. After reading GQ and generally shopping around, I'm left feeling like all of the suits and sport coats that I've purchased over the past five years are suddenly outdated. Any advice or threads you can point me to about this topic would be appreciated.

More specifically, I pulled out my corduroy suit to wear on Sunday and suddenly felt that the lapels were too wide to be hip. I had two tie choices - one skinny and one wider. Tie width should match lapel width, right? I wanted to wear the skinnier tie, but felt that the I should go 'with the rules' and match the width. I'm attaching two photos. Which would you choose? Is the wider choice really outdated?

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Tie width should match your body size if you are into classic style.

Lapels and fashion trends are just that trends.

For a classic look:

If someone is tall and has big shoulders a narrow tie won't fit well.

The opposite is also true if you are quite thin and not so tall a narrow tie will look just right.

Then you can fine-tune your tie width based on lapels etc after thinking about your body size.
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Both look great. You're fine.
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Originally Posted by becnal View Post

Both look great. You're fine.

The first tie is ugly though. Go with the second tie, and exchange the white shirt with a blue instead. A blue OCBD would make this a great looking outfit IMO.
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I agree with p.henrik. The first tie is ugly. A light blue OCBD would look really good with the jacket.


And I actually really like the lapels on that corduroy jacket. They in no way look dated at all. In fact, if I were to get a suit made with a notch lapel next, I'd want it to look just like that - wide and with a high gorge.

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White OCBD. A navy knit or that 2nd tie you have would look great.
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Thanks for your help guys. I think I will start posting things like this more often. I'm often frustrated with how my suits fit and appreciate your perspective. And I've recently become a little crazed with feeling like my suits are outdated because all of the magazine pics I see are short and super skinny. The perspective you guys have is less about fads and more about looking your best.

Funny - the color is way off in these photos. The suit is a beautiful, deep olive green and the tie is, well, terrific - in real life. I appreciate all of your comments, though. I will wear this suit with confidence again!
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While the buttoning point is a little higher than my preference, the lapels are certainly fine. I'd be hesitant to wear French cuffs with a corduroy jacket, but perhaps that's just me. You can safely ignore GQ IMHO.
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The red tie looks great IMO, and a slightly wider red one like that would look even better.

The shirt you are wearing looks great as well. The white adds a bit of formality that I think is a good thing.

If you wanted to do the blue shirt and navy knitted tie thing it would also look good.

I do not think your suit looks dated at all. It looks easy, warm and comfortable to wear.

Burn the orange tie, it is horribly dated.

Add a white linen folded PS.

I also agree with HughJ don't ever look at GQ, you could end up looking like 60's trailer trash.

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So, if you ignore GQ, where do you look?
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Originally Posted by benthere-donethat View Post

So, if you ignore GQ, where do you look?

I would start by reading and being a student of this thread:

Although if I were you I would hesitate posting in that thread for a long time until you meet the criteria around which that thread is designed. Don't follow GQ, you'll end up dressing like a clown... especially for your age. It's a fashion magazine (very temporal) where this forum is purportedly a style forum which is more timeless. The thread above centers around the philosophy and appearance that applies to timeless, classy menswear.

You're wearing a casual jacket and as such you should switch out that white shirt for something else such as blue. The consensus on this forum is that white shirts should generally be reserved for suits/formal attire.

That first tie is absolutely atrocious in any light and should be burned.
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Wear that corduroy suit with a nice light blue button-down collar shirt and a wool challis tie in the same colour as your second pic. It'll look great. Nice lapels, by the way. Your second picture is about as narrow as I'd go with the tie.

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while the slim lapel trend is sometimes refreshing and slimming,

lapel widths have gotten unnaturally skinny, and there really is nothing wrong with your jacket's lapel length.

i am personally a huge fan of the tom ford 4-5 inch peak lapels which are just as fashionable as anything on GQ.

as long as you aren't wearing a 2-inch skinny tie, i think you're tie/jacket width combination is more than fine.

(in case you're wondering, your shirt collar length is fine too)

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Just because.


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