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You can get MTM under 2k easily. HK bespoke options as well - Chan, YWY, Lee Baron. Construction is excellent. shows the sort of MTM I've alluded to...
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I'm not really sure how much you're willing to spend, but I didn't see a reason you wanted to go made to measure. Why do you want to go made to measure? Depending on the price point, it might be better to buy off the rack. People seem enthralled with the notion of custom suits, but not for the right reasons.

Here are a few reasons I think one would go custom:

A. At this price point, you have a highly competent tailor that can make something of high quality and a great fit, exceeding that found of off the rack. From what I've seen, this isn't as common as you'd think. For a very good, competent tailor, it would most likely be $2000 and upwards. And finding one at $2000 is fairly rare, more likely to cost $4000+.
B. You're not a standard size, a very hard to find size (such as 38L), or an uncommon body to accommodate
C. You are unable to find off the rack options with your stylistic choices or preferences

Unless I'm missing something, you're most likely better off staying with off the rack instead of doing mtm unless you meet one of the above criteria. Made to measure seems to fail a lot more often than you'd think, while off the rack, what you see is what you get.

+1, and you have to factor in the costs of traveling to a tailor if you manage to find one for under $2000, this is assuming you don't live in NYC or any other city blessed with traveling tailors from HK, saville row, naples etc. And if you are going the online MTM route be very very careful most of the ones I've seen posted up here have been disasters. Actually I've only seen one i would consider as "well done" and that was Jeffreyd's from Indochino but i don't think that one should count as "Online MTM" because he actually tried on a base at one of their trunk shows if I'm not mistaken so thats already a huge advantage over pure online MTM
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