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Brother's Tailors in Phoenix, AZ

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Has anyone ever gone there? For a new suit from the ground up, would you suggest them? If not, where else? 

I'm looking for a bespoke suit that I can get local, not online.

Thanks in adavnce! smile.gif

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The terms "On-line Bespoke", "Bespoke in Phoenix" and "Brothers Bespoke" are oxymoronic.

Brothers is one of those places where the sandwich board on the sidewalk promotes "3 suits for $300". I would seriously doubt they can spell the word "bespoke".

The closest to bespoke in Phoenix is Made To Measure. I would suggest you pay a visit to The Clotherie and Saks Fifth Ave (Biltmore Fashion Park), Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus (Scottsdale Fashion Square) and call a professional clothier who will come to you such as Wardrobe Design & Management and Tom James.

This way you can determine who you are most comfortable with. Bespoke (to a larger degree) and MTM (to a lesser degree) is not only about fabric, style, construction, turnaround time and price, it's also about relationships.

Hope this helps.
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There are two Brothers Tailors in Phoenix. 

One IS what you are talking about. And yes it's scary. The other is on Tatum and around 44th st.

As far as I can tell, these two are not associated with each other, even though they have the same name.. the website only talks about one location. But I may be wrong, please let me know.


Cheap "3 suits for $300" -


Nicer Bespoke? Brother's Tailors -

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