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New job- need advice on suits.

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Hi guys, I am getting a new job in March and am going from wearing jeans and slacks to either wearing shorts/pajamas 75% of the time (working from home) or traveling (25%) to other companies/cities where I will be meeting with VP-and-above level people (CEO, CIOs, SVPs) who wear suits.  


I am 6 ft tall and 180 lbs with an athletic build (42/33) and prefer the leaner-cut suits.  Having tried some on, I like the Italian cuts more- Armani, Hugo Boss, Canali Gucci, etc.  I have tried on Armani, Canali, and Boss.  However, I am not sure how long these suits will last.  I am looking for suits that look somewhat modern yet will last a while.  Any thoughts on which brands to look at?  I hear Zegna can be decent but have not tried any on.  I went to a Men's Wearhouse and all their suits looked like crap.  Ditto for Macy's suits.  At least the stuff at Nordstrom looked nice. 


I think I know the difference between fused and canvassed but that is as far as I have gotten.  Any advice on brands or general thoughts will be welcomed.  I am trying to build up my initial suit and shoe collection (3-5 suits) by March.  I'd like to look sharp when meeting with these higher-ups.  I'm good with shoes...targeting AE, Ferrgamo, etc.    Thanks for the help!

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Fit is more important than label. When you get a nice, high quality suit that fits great and is pricey, make sure to get two pairs of pants. They wear out much faster than the jacket ever will.
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I agree- fit is very important.  Good idea on the pants.  I'll keep trying on different brands till I find a few that fit well. Thanks!

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What is your budget? For the prices of some of the brands you mention, unless you plan to get them on sale, a custom suit from a Hong King tailor or the like may be reasonable. I've had good experiences with Joe Hemrajani of www.mytailor.com and I've seen a number of others here have good experiences with W.W. Chan, though I can't personally vouch for them. Since your job doesn't start until March, you have close to three months to get something and may have time to work to get something at least made to measure. It may also be worth asking around for other made to measure recommendations if you have the cash to go this route.

If this doesn't work, there are a number of options. I've never been a huge fan of Gucci, Armani or Hugo Boss. Zegna and Canali can be nice in my experience, especially on sale, and Brooks Brothers normally has a great sale December 26th. Their more traditional cuts are probably not going to be great for you as you'll want something a bit slimmer as you're somewhat athletic, but I've had good experience with their Regent cut in the 1818 line (believe this is half canvassed, decent but not amazing quality), which normally comes with two buttons and side vents. Even if you have the money, unless you really need the suit right away, I'd try to get deals rather than pay full retail. Also check out www.sierratradingpost.com and other discount websites, as you can sometimes snag a great deal on a quality brand.

Other thoughts:

1. Others have said it, but fit is the most important thing for you to look for.

2. Start with basics. You need a solid navy suit and a solid grey suit. Pinstripes and patterns come after this. It's tempting to deviate from this, but at some point if you are going to be a regular suit wearer, you'll need the basics.

3. I could be wrong, but based on your post it sounds like you'll spend most days not needing a suit. It's great to have 5, but if you are not wearing them at least 3 times a week, I'd invest in higher quality suits or better shirts / ties rather than trying to get a fifth suit into your closet.

Good luck and congrats on the job.
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personally, i've had tremendous success with suitsupply which qualify all the desires for fit and construction, as well as having a versatile range of patterns. the brand you listed definitely cover a wide range of different styles (gucci vs canali?) but i would probably advise against boss suits if you are worried about long term construction as they are completely fused. all of this being said, fit is most important as you will be most confident meeting people in something that you feel comfortable and confident in. hope this helps!

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