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For Sale: CLASSIC COATS! Incl. for her! 42 Barbour International, Cashmere H. Freeman, Aquascutum Trench, Loden-lined Wax Jacket, Burberry Trenchcoat (F), Made in Scotland Shearling (F). FREE SHIPPING IN CONUS! OFFERS WELCOME!

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For Sale:
CLASSIC COATS! Incl. for her! 42 Barbour International, Cashmere H. Freeman, Aquascutum Trench, Loden-lined Wax Jacket, Burberry Trenchcoat (F), Made in Scotland Shearling (F). FREE SHIPPING IN CONUS! OFFERS WELCOME!

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I have several terrific coats to pass on today--including an Old-School heavy waxed cotton Barbour International, a GORGEOUS H. Freeman cashmere overcoat, an Aquascutum trenchcoat, a STUNNING shearling from Scotland with stag horn buttons (for her), and more!


International inquiries are welcome, with shipping at cost.

Please PM with interest and offers!

1) Old-School Barbour International. Size 42.

SOLD (in about two minutes!)

This is terrific--and since this is the now-discontinued old-school heavy waxed cotton rather than the modern Sylkoil, this sort of jacket is becoming increasing hard to fund.

You know what this is, so I don't have to say much about it--this is THE iconic International motorcycle jacket, made famous by Steve McQueen, and issued to British Army dispatch riders under a NATO designation--the only difference between the Military M7 and the civilian A7 is that the military jackets have their NATO order numbers in place of the Barbour care information, and lack the front International patch.

This jacket is, as I mentioned, cut from old-school Heavy Waxed Cotton--in my mind, FAR superior to the modern Sylkoil, which has a rather peach-fuzz nap to it, and doesn't take a very good re-wax. Sylkoil is also--being wildly un-politically correct--rather effeminate, frankly, being too "warm and fuzzy" for use with a masculine garment such as this. So, if you want an International, avoid the current production and go vintage!

Like all old-school Internationals, this features a functional throat latch, a corduroy collar, a slanted gun pocket on the left chest, a zippered security pocket on the right chest, deep bellows pockets on the lower chest both left and right, with interior security flaps on each, a heavy-duty zipper and press-stud front fastening, stud-fastening cuffs, the classic yellow International chest patch (a feature of Internationals BEFORE the Barbour branding craze, and hence acceptable!) , navy blue old-school tartan lining, and belt loops for the belt.

It was Made in England.

This is a seriously awesome jacket.

This is a size 42, and so could work for sizes 40 and 42, since it is designed to fit snugly.

This jacket does, however, have some wear to it. It has snags and tears at the cuffs, small holes at the tension points of the pockets, longtitudinal tears in the lining at the bottom, and it is missing its belt--although this can be replaced if you wish by Barbour for $35 last time I checked. These flaws ARE noticeable on wearing, but don't affect its functionality at all, and make it one seriously broken in jacket--good with heavy waxed cotton, not so good with pretty-boy Sylkoil! As such, this jacket is in Good, Useable condition--these jackets are so damn sturdy that these rips and tears won't affect its functionality at all, and it can be worn as it is easily.

However, these flaws are there, so how about just $95, boxed and shipped in CONUS, or offer?



2) Waxed Cotton jacket, with removable Loden Wool lining, by LL Bean!


This is a terrific jacket!

Cut similarly to a Barbour Border, this jacket is medium-weight waxed cotton, and so suitable for a range of temperatures--especially since it has a removable and very warm Loden wool lining. (This is zipped on both sides, and buttoned in at the top--making for easy adding and removing and a very secure fit--better than either all-round zips or complete button-in.) The lining, incidentally, really is Troller Loden wool, from Austria--dense and warm, and something that sets this jacket apart from the usual wax cotton jackets available, as well as bean's usual offerings.

This jacket features a zippered front chest pocket, two slash fleece-lined bellows pockets, a bi-swing back for ease of movement, reinforeced shoulders, corduroy collar, storm cuffs with turn-back corduroy cuffs, a heavy-duty zippered and button front. It's in excellent condition.

This is a steal at just $50, boxed and shipped, or offer!

Size Large Tall, this measures:

Chest: 24 1/2
Sleeve: 24 (note that this is shorter than the sleeves are, owing to the shoulder/sleeve cut)
Shoulder: 22 3/2 (see above!)
Length: 33 1/2

th_MEGASHOOT2192.jpg th_MEGASHOOT2193.jpg th_MEGASHOOT2194.jpg th_MEGASHOOT2197.jpg th_MEGASHOOT2198.jpg th_MEGASHOOT2199.jpg th_MEGASHOOT2200.jpg th_MEGASHOOT2201.jpg th_MEGASHOOT2202.jpg th_MEGASHOOT2203.jpg

3) GORGEOUS CASHMERE Hickey-Freeman Customized Topcoat--from December 27th, 1957!


Ignore the fact that this was made just a dozen years after World War II ended--this could quite easily pass for a coat made within the last couple of years, as it's in absolutely wonderful condition... NOT wonderful condition for its age, but just wonderful condition, period! This is a true testament to how long superb clothes can last when treated well.

This is a really, really wonderful coat! There's no fabric content listed, but from the hand and drape this can't be anything other than cashmere--and the really, thick, luxurious cashmere of the past, when cashmere WAS cashmere, and not the thin Chinese stuff that's so widely available now. The colourway and patterning are also wonderful.... A classic late 1950's/early 1960s colourway of peat black and dark, dark chestnut bark, in a classic herringbone pattern. This is a seriously beautiful coat--my pictures don't come anywhere near doing it justice, but please see the second large picture, below, for the best idea of the colouring and pattern.

As you'd expect, this is fully canvassed and fully lined. It also features a single hook vent, and still has the original button closing this intact and in place. This was, of course, Made in the USA--back when things were!

This is very slightly rumpled from storage, and so is in very very conservatively Very Good/Excellent condition. As such, it is an absolute STEAL at just $75, boxed and shipped in CONUS, or lower offer. I doubt you could get a coat of this quality today for less than 15 times that!


Chest: 24 3/4
Sleeve: 24 1/2 (+2)
Shoulder: 20
Length: 40 1/2


th_MEGASHOOT2185.jpg th_MEGASHOOT2184.jpg th_MEGASHOOT2187.jpg th_MEGASHOOT2188.jpg

4) 38S Classic Aquascutum Trenchcoat--100% cotton! made in England!

This is beautiful! Cut from 100% cotton rather than the far more usual poly/cotton blend, this trenchcoat shows just why Aquascutum is a worthy rival to Burberry--and it's not just because of their similar heritage! This features a wonderful check lining--different from the usual rather dull Aquascutum lining, since this was made expressly for Barney's of New York--an overshoulder cape, brass throat latches to keep the rain out, a leather buckle on the belt, adjuster belts at the cuffs, the full complement of brass D-rings on the belt (for maps, whistles, and a service revolver for storming the trenches of the Hun!), and a single hook vent. It was MADE IN ENGLAND.

The belt to this coat could do with a press, as it's a bit wrinkled, and there is some minor, minor wear to the leather of the buckle. There is also a very small brown watermark in the lining by the vent--but even you're unlikely to spot this, and it certainly won't be seen when worn. Overall, then, this is very conservatively rated at being in Very Good/Excellent condition.

It's a steal at just $105, boxed and shipped in CONUS, or offer. OFFERS VERY WELCOME!

Tagged a 38 Short, this measures:

Chest: 22
Shoulders: N/A as raglan sleeves.
Sleeve (measured like a shirt): c. 33 (+2)
Length: 41 3/4



th_coatssweaters032.jpg th_coatssweaters033.jpg th_coatssweaters036.jpg th_coatssweaters038.jpg th_coatssweaters039.jpg th_coatssweaters040.jpg th_coatssweaters044.jpg th_coatssweaters037.jpg


5) CLASSIC Navy Blue Woman's Burberry Trenchcoat. Made in England. Removable wool liner. Size 8 Long.


Simply beautiful! This is the woman's version of the classic Burberry trench, made famous by Audrey Hepburn and a slew of femme fatales in 1950s and 1960s film noirs, who wouldn't be seen dead without high heels, perfect hair, and one of these casually draped around them as they light yet another cigarette....

MADE IN ENGLAND this classic trench has the gun flap, the leather buckles, and the rear kick vent of its male equivalent. It also features the sleeve adjusters with leather covered buckles. It lacks--and was intended to lack--the D-rings on the belt and the extensive neck coverings of the male coats, giving it a much slimmer and more elegant silhouette. This coat has a removable wool liner, and features the "blue coats" version of Burberry's checking in the lining.

Apart from some minor wear to the leather buckle, as shown, this coat is in excellent condition.

Absolutely lovely, and a steal at just $95, boxed and shipped in CONUS.

Size 8 Long, this measures:

Bust: 19 1/2
Sleeve (raglan, measured like a shirt): 32
Length (BOC): 45 3/4 (women's Burberrys are cut long, for the desired silhouette)


th_coatssweaters046.jpg th_coatssweaters047.jpg th_coatssweaters048.jpg th_coatssweaters049.jpg th_coatssweaters051.jpg th_coatssweaters053.jpg th_coatssweaters056.jpg th_coatssweaters057.jpg th_coatssweaters058.jpg th_coatssweaters059.jpg th_coatssweaters060.jpg

6) STUNNING Made in Scotland shearling.

This is incredible! First, it's a lovely, thick, shearling, with the interior dyed a rich dark chocolate brown. Second, it's Made in Scotland--and simply oozes quality--not surprisingly, as it was handcrafted from sheepskin. Third, it's an absolutely beautiful cut; this might be Made in Scotland, but the cut of this coat is utterly Imperial Russia.... if she has any hankering at all for seeing Anna Karenina, you NEED to buy her this coat!

This really is a lovely coat. Thick, luxurious shearling, beautifully cut, Made in Scotland... It also features what appear to be stag horn buttons throughout, and comes complete with its original two spares. The throat closes with a leather and horn button throat latch, and the two front pockets and lovely and deep. This also features a zippered interior security pocket--which will house the two spare buttons when I send it to you!

This coat does have the usual low complement of scuffs and nicks that shearling is prone to--in particular, there's a shadow scuff on the back, as shown, and small nicks on the upper arms. I've done my best to show all these character marks in the pictures, though. Overlal, this coat is in Very Good condition..... and easily fetched north of $1000 new. How often do get a shearling cut as beautifully as this that's Made in Scotland to boot?

This is a steal at just $70 or lower offer... priced to move very fast!


Bust: 19
Sleeve: 22 1/2
Shoulder: 16 1/4
waist: 19 3/4 (Given because of the lovely Imperial flared cut)
Length: 43


th_coatssweaters061.jpg th_coatssweaters069.jpg th_coatssweaters062.jpg th_coatssweaters063.jpg th_coatssweaters067.jpg th_coatssweaters068.jpg th_coatssweaters071.jpg th_coatssweaters072.jpg th_coatssweaters077.jpg th_coatssweaters079.jpg th_coatssweaters073.jpg th_coatssweaters074.jpg th_coatssweaters075.jpg th_coatssweaters078.jpg th_coatssweaters080.jpg th_coatssweaters081.jpg
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  • CLASSIC COATS! Incl. for her! 42 Barbour International, Cashmere H. Freeman, Aquascutum Trench, Loden-lined Wax Jacket, Burberry Trenchcoat (F), Made in Scotland Shearling (F). FREE SHIPPING IN CONUS! OFFERS WELCOME!
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