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Tailors in Eastern Europe

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I was born in, and spend a lot of time in Hungary, and while most Hungarians would object to this, under Eastern Europe I mean anything East of Vienna. smile.gif I made this thread for suggestions and reviews of Slovakian, Hungarian, Romanian, Czech, etc. bespoke tailors.

Most services are quite affordable here, including tailors, but the region suffers from a rather low overall quality as well.

My opening question would be if anyone has any experience with the Budapest bespoke tailor Jani Mihaly (, Keleti Karoly u. 44, 1024 Budapest, Hungary). It seems like a very honest shop, and I'm considering having a bespoke suit made while I'm here.
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macaronitomato had a few posts about polish tailors i believe. and shoemakers. he has a blog in english and polish (im pretty sure polish)

search his posts on here or google him for the blog.
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Cosi on The London Lounge seems to have a very good tailor in Bucharest

I dont have any more info than that I'm afraid.
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I've visited Mihaly Jani in Budapest today. I made an appointment for tomorrow to bespeak a suit. The technology is full oldschool, floating canvas, done in the shop. They work with British fabrics (some awesome worsteds from what I can tell), and with fabric and everything included the suit is projected just under $1000 in local currency, three fittings, and about five weeks.
I'll be posting my experiences and of course I'll put up some pics of the suit. (I'm thinking of a classic two-button charcoal workhorse in spring worsted).
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Look forward to your further comments, DJosef.

Thank you.
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Got my measurements taken and selected the fabric, I went with a nice plain charcoal, with a really interesting texture.

I asked for a natural shoulder, "Italian-like" fit jacket, as for the trousers, the tailor suggested a mid-rise flat front, tapered without cuffs, and I went with it. I asked him about a high-rise, but he said it's not a good idea. The jacket will have piped pockets with "tuck-in" flaps, I guess it may help convert it into an odd jacket if the need arise. I also went for piped pockets on the trousers too, as those are immune to the "elephant ear" effect when sitting down.

I had to pay for the fabric up front (around $270). First fitting will likely be end of next week.

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I had the first fitting this week. The suit has started to flesh out pretty well. It's fun to see how a fully canvassed jacket looks when it's in the making. I can't wait to post the images when it's ready. :)

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Very interested in how this turns out. I'm in Vienna but travel often to Hungary and have been looking for a tailor in Budapest for some time.

I've had a couple of quite satisfactory bespoke suits made by the Slovak visiting tailor at Jungmann und Neffe in Vienna. The cost runs to about EUR 1400 for a jacket and 2 pairs of trousers, with a choice of fabric from J&N's excellent selection. Good value for full bespoke, but workmanship is markedly below that of the classic Viennese tailors like Netousek (who charge the same price for MTM and nearer 4000 for bespoke).

Looking forward to your pictures. Does Mihaly Jani speak any English or German?
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My suit was ready this week, but I left the jacket there for some adjustments. The front ended up being really boxy, sacky looking, and I asked the tailor to take it in to give it a more military-ish look, so pictures will have to wait until next week. I'll post some pics of the trousers tonight.


Overall impression, it's a solid, conservative, canvassed suit. Keyhole buttonholes, the canvas is very firm over the chest and shoulders. I have no reason not to like it, but I don't have enough experience to put it in comparison. The overall cost was just under $900 with one pair of trousers. I asked about another pair from the same fabric, which would come to an additional $250.

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So as I promised, the trousers. This is how it looks overall. Colors are a bit off on the photo, the fabric is nicely textured charcoal.


Close-up of the pocket:



Keyhole buttonhole:






How it fits:



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Realise this is an old thread, but looking to try Jani in Budapest for a bespoke suit after recently moving here. Were you fully suitably satisfied with the process and the outcome of the suit? Do you know if he speaks English?
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If you are in Budapest, I highly recommend Simon Skottowe Bespoke Tailors, located in the fifth district (Zoltan str. 10.) True bespoke, everything is made on the premises. The suits are almost completely handmade, floating canvas, three fittings. Simon is genuine, nice guy with 15 years of experience in bespoke tailoring.



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