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Running Shoes

Poll Results: Do you use minimalist footwear?

  • 43% (18)
  • 56% (23)
41 Total Votes  
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What do you guys run in?
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Asics Nimbus
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Mizuno Wave Inspire.
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New Balance Minimus Trail MT20
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I have used Nike Free 5 before but ended up wearing them as gym shoes, did not like them as running shoes.
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These. Ultimate minimalist shoes.

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NB minimus road
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NB Minimus Zero (road)
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New Balance 890s, among others.
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Pretty loyal to New Balance. Currently 660s, but have had various models over the years.
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New Balance 993. Have worn these faithfully for about 5 years now. They just work well for me, so have not felt the need to try anything different.
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I picked up the nike lunarglide 4, usually don't like Nike's running shoes but these have been very kind to my low arches.


Tried minimalist footwear before; I've always utilized a midfoot strike and I still damn near blew out my ankles on runs longer than 3 miles.

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Nike Lunarglide 3 user ... i love them ! 

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I've got a pair of Lunar Glide 3's that were gaited for me, absolutely awful give me the worst calf cramps you can imagine - wore them three times, hell even walking in them hurts!


Tend to stick to my trusty old Triax 13s, but really need a new pair.


Can't believe a gait could be so wrong!

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New Balance Minimus - use them for everything. Gym, running, they also work well as boxing shoes as well !

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