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For Sale:
Allen Edmonds Strand Seconds Walnut 10EEE

Will Ship To: CONUS

I bought these maybe close to a year ago, but have only worn them a handful of times - enough to know I need another size and these just don't fit me like they should. The only defect I can see is the stitching on the welt on each shoe, one worse than the other, but unless people are right up on you I don't think they'd notice. I have polished them with AE Walnut polish so the first picture shows them next to brand new burgundy McAllisters for a color comparison. I'd like to move these so I can get a pair that fit! $125 including shipping CONUS. AE box and bags included, no trees. Item is listed elsewhere, I'll report them as sold if they go.

Right shoe and welt closeup

Left shoe and closeup

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