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For Sale:
Fresh! Fresco! Frescissimo! Three-button Boglioli grey summer suit in crisp fresco with light-blue stripes

Will Ship To: Anywhere

A beautiful grey summer suit in crisp and cool fresco, almost translucent in light. Wear it to the office in the summer and on the beach afterwards, wear it to summer weddings, wear it to cocktail parties and shindigs. Fresco! (Bought it from SF's own Chobochobo, but never managed to wear it for two consecutive summers, and so am passing it to more worthy members.)

Shoulders: 18.75", but wear smaller. I take 18" in my shoulders usually, and these fit perfectly.
sleeves: 26"+1" of extra material, working cuffs
chest: 21.5"
BOC: 30"
waist on jacket: 19.25"

double pleats+suspender buttons, flat-fronted

waist: 35"+1"
inseam: 31.5"+2" cuffs

Details: Cupro Bemberg lining, side-vented, working cuffs, pick-stitching for that pinch of informality