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For Sale:
NIB Rare Yuketen Blucher w/ Boat Sole Brown western floral mellow US 9 D

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Hard to find.


Yuketen Blucher with Boat Sole  &  Western Floral Mellow, color is Bown. Sz US 9. true to size


If you are tired with those colors like  Black,  White, Navy, Khaki ,Grey.... This is a great chance to jump into another colorful world. immediately stands out.


Besides those amazing quality from Yuketen, the floral pattern on the thick leather is really a nice addition to the color, take a look at the pics... you are wearing a piece of art!


I bought this a year ago from Bergdorf Goodman when I was crazy with bluchers from Yuketen, Quoddy, Oak Street ... I own pairs from each name but this pair, without any doubt, the ultimately fantastic one, pale those  that you can see almost everyone is wearing.... UNIQUE.


I just wore it out once, got those girls eyes.. I believe .. and , compliment, even from my wife, who always goes opposite  with me in fashion.


Really hate to sell as I planned to own her till my death but strangely I suddenly lost interests in bluchers, those quoddy pals have gone long time ago, only this pair still stays in my closet although I know I might not  wear it anymore...



Collect money  for Denim, I find a reason for myself to sell it,  and honestly, I am now a denim fanatic... not sure it will fade away as I was mad with blucher, but now I need fund for Samurai, Roy...


Long story short, great pair at great price, I paid $400+  and tax for her.

Do a quick search , find a similar  pair in red: