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Wardrobe update - Tailored suits

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Hi everyone, this is my very first post, but I have been an avid reader for a long time.


I will try to make this as short as possible.


I work in consulting, that translates to five days a week, every week, wearing a suit.

I have been in the business for about six years and during that time I've mostly worn:


1 Hugo B off the rack adjusted

1 Tiger off the rack adjusted

1 from Daves Tailor in shanghai

5 from Tony the tailor


Out of these now I've had to throw out 6 of the 8 due to worn trousers. I've kept some of the jackets, but I got limited closetspace and I plan on buying 5-7 new suits (3-4 reasonably fast, say within 2-3 months).


I have an athletic build so off the rack looks horrible on me. I got very broad shoulders and a slender torso.


I've read through what seems like a million posts now of W.W:Chan, Yao, Narin, Raj + + + and I am none the wiser.

In addition a lot of the threads seem to be rather old.


I got plenty of shirts (say 20-25 I order from Daves tailor), but I am looking to get, as I mentioned, 5-7 new suits.

I haven't quite decided on my budget yet, but I am not looking for cheap suits. I am prepared to spend at least 1300-1500 $ a suit or even a bit more (2000-2500) on some of the suits if I think the quality warrants it. My big question is then, what do I do?


1) Book a ticket to HK/Shanghai/Bangkok for 10 days and gamble on a whole ensamble from one of the "cheap" bespoke gurus

2) Try online options like mytailor with their best fabrics

3) Buy off the rack and adjust a lot (this is something I think I am not even considering, it's just up here to be thorough in my options)

4) Visit a MTM location in London 

5) Start dating the daughter of someone on Saville row for major discounts


I would like advise on which of the options (or others I haven't thought of) you would recommend. I would also gladly take advice on what fit/style is best on my type of body.


Feel free to ask me questions here or in an IM if you got any

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OTR fits me fairly well so take that into consideration with this offering: needing 3-4 suits fairly quickly + [cheap] bespoke = inevitable failure, unless they've made and adjusted several suits already for you.

If I were in this situation I would try 2 online MTM places and order one suit from each with their best fabrics. When those arrived I would pick the better of the two and order another two suits from that place. I would then order an extra pair of pants for each suit.
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What are the best MTM online sites then? I see a lot of them, mytailor, moderntailor, indochino etc. 

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I've never bought from any of them but a buddy of mine swears by mytailor and his stuff looks very good. Derek of PTO did a review of a suitsupply suit here.
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Thank you, I will try a couple of MTM and see if they are way off, if they are not up to standards I will just have to man up and go for 2500-3000 bespoke options

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mytailor has a VAST amount of fabrics. The most expensive is like [cheap] bespoke, kind of daunting for something you won't feel til it's ready in your hands.


Any got any advice besides going for known brands like hollands and sherry and vitale barberis


Also, it seems i cannot actually pick fabrics? I've found one i like, but there is no way i can put it into the bag or do something more with it?

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