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I walked out without opening my wallet, and so I am posting this simply to note how impressively laid out this small shop is. Anyone who is nearby the Prudential Center should stop in simply for some inspiration in fabrics. Suits with great subtle texture and patterns, some unique casual shirting fabrics, tweeds, flannels, etc. Also some cool Alden and Crockett & Jones shoes. They had about 8 or 9 different suits that, at least fabric wise, are just so much more well thought out than what Banana Republic offers at the same price point (although BR has been much improved this season). I also have noticed that J. Crew (Bowery pant) and Brooks Brothers (Milano) seem to have based their new trouser cuts off the Howard Yount pattern. I have to think that this forum is influencing mass market designers/buyers right now.

(Note: I have no opinions on the fit and construction of the J. crew suits, although it looked decent to my eye and might have been half canvas. I was also pretty impressed with quality of the odd trousers compared to years past.)