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It's been the trend for movie trailers ever since Inception (which actually had it featured in the film). Eventually it will die off and be replaced by something else. Agree that it gets tiring.
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Really torn on this. The trailer makes it look like a piece of shit, but this was based on a very good original script by a decent writer.



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looks like Neon Genesis

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Originally Posted by Jr Mouse View Post

Am I nuts or is that the computer voice from Portal?

It is her voice, they hired the same voice actor
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Nothing will best Robot Jox for giant robot fighting.

This is drama -
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Originally Posted by AldenPyle View Post

200 million dollar Mighty Morphin Power Rangers is still Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

You say that like it's a bad thing.
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Looks to me like Transformers meets Ultraman Tiga meets Yo Gabba Gabba.
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Bring it.
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The trailer for this one makes me burn with great hatred and sprain my rolleyes.gif
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Wow, this looks unbelievably terrible.
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I can't wait to get rip roaring drunk while watching this late at night in a, hopefully, sparsely filled theater.
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Looks like a cross between Real Steel and Battleship, and probably worse than both of them.
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You couldn't be more wrong.
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Is everyone blind? This looks awesome. Don´t compare a del toro movie to those other crap.

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