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I bought a pair of Garret Leight Hardings in Sage in April that I am extremely fond of.  They are beautiful glasses, and the color perfectly suits my hair.  


However, I also routinely use a very large amount of anti-acne medication that, if left undisturbed, will bleach the frames, particularly when the plastic is not exposed to the oils from my skin.  The Harding has a very noticeable nose keyhole, and at the moment the top of the bridge is substantially discolored.  Strangely, the discoloration seems worse on some days and better than others-taking them in to the bathroom when I shower seems to make them look worse, while leaving them dry for several days makes them look better.


Any suggestions on what to do? I love these glasses, and am willing to go through any kind of process that allows me to keep them at the end of it.