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Whimsical novelty items...

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Hello, Does anybody notice that certain high end luxury brands create these rather odd if not fun items? For example Prada makes tarot card sets, checkers, travel casinos, and a gourmet food case which is only a small selection. I recall that Louis Vuitton made backgammon sets, and Gucci chopsticks, and such. Anybody else have any examples, and opinions?
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I have seen many such 'gifts' made by Dunhill, as I recall one of these was a travel champagne set. It consisted of a leather case, two sterling silver champagne flutes, a corkscrew, and maybe a few other tools. The price was an outrageous $4500 or something. I have also seen a pair of round Dunhill dice for $400+. I saw both in previous issues of GQ. Gucci also has some funny things on their website under 'gifts'. Not sure if they still have these, but one thing they had was a real Saddle (I guess to honor their riding heritage) for $4-$6k and a special edition guitar for around $14,000 as I recall.
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My favorite Gucci gifts are the motorcycle helmet and the massage table...
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you might be interested in the Ferragamo items, like a shoehorn kit, playing card set, or mens manicure set at neimanmarcus.com (i think...maybe it was saks.com, but pretty sure it was NM).
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Other than those little novelty items, I think the most outrageous is a Burberry Mini-cooper (I think, or maybe a VW Bug).   Others include silver baby-feeding spoons by Hermes (or maybe Tiffany), custom bicycle seats and leather handle cover by Hermes, Louis Vuitton soccer ball with carrier, a brush to clean your hair brush by Kent the royal brush maker .... .. ... .. .... The pharmarcy across from Dunhill on Jermyn Street (Bengal: what's the name? My head is in a swirl...) has a huge collection of shoe horns in different lengths, mostly done in horn.  They are very beautiful.   Game sets are actually not novelty items.  They have been around for centuries.  There are actually specialized makers for chess pieces and boards (their names escaped my mind at present), mostly done on wood, as the selection of the best looking wood and woodgrain is important.  The same goes for Chinese Mahjong sets.  For centuries, game sets from chess to backgammon sets are an essential item in a gentleman's library or study.  Prada and Gucci (and others) don't actually make those things; again they are contracted out to specific makers, though in all faireness I think they are more of novelty than art when custom ordered by Gucci (and others).
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Other items I have seen are Fendi soccer balls, Vuitton tennis racquet covers(quite useful though), Cartier baby items, andthat Guci massage table mentioned, and a host of others I don't recall. Burberry actually has a car for them? I once saw a pair of Paul Smith cufflinks actually with the Cooper on them. Also by VW do you mean Vivienne Westwood or Volkswagon? Those shoe horns sound quite beautiful. I find that horn acquires an exquisite patina if used. As for game sets I have seen quite elegant ones from various European manufactuers. The various leathers, and woods were very aesthetically pleasing. So Gucci, and Prada commision other companies to produce these items just as their suits, and such? I would think the quality would be quite good. Antique Mahjong sets are quite beautiful. Most of the examples I have seen though ae not Imperial wares but rather ones created for wealthy people.
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Other than those little novelty items, I think the most outrageous is a Burberry Mini-cooper (I think, or maybe a VW Bug).  
Actually, I believe it was a London taxi cab outfitted in Burberry plaid. It was in the Neiman Marcus Christmas book either last year or the year before. There was also a Paul Smith Mini Cooper - I don't know if the car itself was ever actually sold but it has been displayed on Paul Smith cufflinks and tote bags, among other items.
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you mean no one here has bought the gucci s&m leather whips, leather cuffs and the gucci alligator s&m paddle?
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you mean no one here has bought the gucci s&m leather whips, leather cuffs and the gucci alligator s&m paddle?
Hermes, no......
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What about the Hermes dog lead, the Louis Vuitton feeding bowl and the Burberry check raincoat (for dogs of course)?
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Did Gucci actually create these items for decadent luxury in many senses? Also I just found out that Prada also made a flashlight set complete with golves(?), and a large carrying case in their famous nylon. Of course one can't forget the Gucci Dog chewing bone, Chanel, Vuitton, and Burberry pet carrying bags.
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