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How to step back and evaluate my wardrobe?

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A couple years ago, I decided to do something about my 'meh' clothing situation. At the time, I wore nothing of any note... tshirts, fleeces, and cheapo jeans that didn't fit too well.

It hasn't been the most ground shaking change, but I've upgraded my wardrobe to a bunch of nice button downs with jeans that fit right, decent outerwear, and a set of nice shoes. Probably just as forgettable as before, but without looking so bad. It's a different kind of uniform.

Back when I started refreshing my wardrobe, it was easy to find and pick new pieces that added something new to what I had, pieces that fit what I was trying to do and fit well. Recently, though I've noticed that things aren't that easy any more, and a lot of the things that I get drawn to are functionally duplicates of things I already own. A guy can have too many OCBDs.

I feel like I'm slipped back into the same sort of slump, of essentially putting on whatever I see first. I think I've raised the bar, but have hit another plateau. One issue is my profession. I'm a software developer in a large casual office. Most people in my office still wear jeans/tshirts/hoodies on most days, so there's not much pressure to dress better. If I did, I'd probably start to look out of place.

This funk has got me thinking that I need to step back, reevaluate my wardrobe and figure out where to go from here... but the problem is that I don't have a good sense of how to do that. I'm hoping someone here can lend any advice about how to do this.

I'd love any advice. Thanks.
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1. Post pics of what you currently wear
2. Listen to our advice
3. Profit.
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Pictures and a categorized list of everything that is in rotation (not being snarky; such lists are fun)

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Organize your pants according to the following:


1. Dressier pants - wools, finer quality pressed chinos, etc.

2. Casual pants - faded & distressed khakis, more relaxed cuts, rougher textures, corduroy

3. Rugged pants - jeans, heavyweight outerwear, etc.


In the morning, grab a pair of pants according to the weather or your mood. Feeling like an adventurer? Grab those distressed dessert colored khakis. Cold? Get those cords.


Pick everything else according to the pant!


Jeans - engineer boots w/ a t shirt and leather jacket.

Slacks - OCBD with a blazer and loafers

And so on..


Match weight and textures. Heavy pants go with a heavy shirt and solid shoes. Distressed pants with distressed shirt and rugged shoes. Etc.


Select colors based on your skin tone and hair color. This will require a little research, not much.


Basing everything off the pant will give you a deeper understanding of clothing that will take you over the top! It is obvious, but it was a major breakthrough for me. I routinely look like a Ralph Lauren catalogue with little effort and I'm broke as hell. There is no limit to your variety once this is understood. You will no longer be tied to a 'uniform'.I hope this helps.

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   I had a similar experience, though I have a particularity that makes this evaluation process much easier: I travel a lot. 

   This means that I have pack a lot and, while doing so, I can have a crispy clear view of what I have and of what I need.

   The problem is how to handle the "desires", those ones needs a much deeper thought process if you want/need to conciliate the needs with the wants.

   My advice is to pack for each season that you have to face, making a list is not visual enough for something that is purely visual (clothing), so you will be able to see exactly what you have and what is not covered.

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I think you have to go this way:

Basics: do you have everything that you need here? Too much of a certain item? This is the most important.

Once you have the basics, then you need to determine if the ways you are branching off are appropriate and useful (in that you regularly wear them). Go through articles one by one at this stage. You may like something, but if it doesn't fit and therefore you don't wear it, then it needs to go.

then you'll come to the real FU style stuff that you don't wear much but absolutely love.

At this point, I'd think you'd have a list of things to buy, things to sell/discard, and a few maybes. With the maybes, ponder new ways to wear them or have them tailored to fix minor fit issues. If after say 3 months you find you still aren't getting any use from them, sell/discard.
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