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Best place to find Brax pants?

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I've been eyeing  a pair of Brax Cesar Micro-Lane Indigo colored pants for a while now, but now that I decided to actually buy them I can't find this model at my local luxury menswear shop (Harry Rosen, a Canadian store). Does anyone know where I can find Brax pants online? I've been looking everywhere, seems like it's not a very common brand. These are probably the nicest pants I've ever seen, so I definitely want to find a pair or two ASAP incase this model is being discontinued. They are made of really high quality dress pant material but they have a jean cut... not a big fan of traditional dress pant cuts, especially when it comes to the pockets. You can wear these for both casual and dressy occasions.


Any help is appreciated! Thank you.


EDIT: I just found the pants on the Brax website, but it only shows black and grey models.... Here is the link:,11200,94301,01,47.html

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They are very popular with German pensioners - they also make double pleated washed jeans.
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I didn't know old German people had such a good sense of style!  I think they are much cheaper in Germany too.... My local store sells them for $225 each, but I once saw someone on eBay selling similar models for about 90 plus shipping. Not anymore it seems :(


Not sure why the indigo (very nice blue color) is not available on the Brax website... I hope its not discontinued. I've never worn blue pants before but this one is just beautiful, definitely a good choice for a first =P

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I believe there is BRAX boutique in Montreal's Ogilvy. Just call them and ask if they have it or can get it for you.

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The Harry Rosen outlet in Heartland ( Mississauga, Ontario ) is loaded up with BRAX all the time.

You might want to give them a call.

If they have what you want I might have sometime to ship them to you if they won't.
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